April 20, 2014

Small Changes Can Change Everything

One small drop can change an entire lake.
If a person ate just 200 calories less per day, or burned 200 calories extra per day, in one year they would lose 20 lbs. This is only one example in an infinite variety of such opportunities to prove that small changes can and do yield big results.

I have never understood people who say that there are no changes a person can make in their own life to make any difference in the state of the world. They are either extremely deluded pessimists, or they have a vested interest in spreading this lie in order to protect their investments in the status quo.

I like Jane Goodall's take on the way things are, and how we might change them. She gets it. She knows the power each of us has to make big changes through tiny, daily individual acts.

“If all of us would go through our lives thinking about the little choices we make each day as to what we buy, what we eat, what we wear – and how those choices might impact the environment, might impact child slave labor in other countries, might impact cruelty towards animals, we start making small changes. 
Billions of small changes around the world can lead to the kind of change we need if we care about future generations.” 

People who lie to us, and tell us that nothing we do in our own lives can make a difference, want to rob us of our power to change the world. They do not want us to know that if we make small changes individually, that are magnified when taken up collectively, we will see things change rapidly.

I wonder if we care enough about future generations to put our individual decision-making power into full effect. 

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