April 18, 2014

More Time vs. More Money

There is no time like the present - enjoy it by choosing
 more time over more money.

"Time is the coin of your life. It is the only coin you have, and only you can determine how it will be spent. Be careful lest you let other people spend it for you." 
- Carl Sandburg

Once a person's basic material needs are satisfied, additional income makes little to no difference in their level of happiness.

Considering this, about 12 years ago Linda and I sat down to figure out how much money we needed to meet our basic monthly material needs. At the time, I calculated that I needed to work one week a month to pay my share of the expenses. Linda earned less, but her share could still be gained in about 2 weeks of work.

Since that time we have worked to live rather than lived to work.

While we were engaged in paid work we would toil the required amount, then take the rest of the month off. If we wanted more money for something we would work more, but usually we chose more time over more money.

And as sure as the big hand follows the little one, once we changed our priorities, pleasant changes in our lives followed.

We are determining how to spend time, the coin of our lives, ourselves. With that coin we are buying a better, more satisfying and more independent life.


  1. Anonymous4/18/2014

    A very true and timely post. I made this decision some time ago, when I decided to work fewer hours so that I could spend more time taking care of my elderly mother in our home. I work enough hours to pay my bills and save money in an emergency fund. The trade-off is simple and good: I can earn enough money to live simply and have time to spend at home taking care of people and enjoying their company. True, I don't have extra money for "wants", but I know that I can always save money so that I can purchase a "want" in the future when the time is right. However, I've learned that, by the time I have the money saved up for that "wanted" item, I no longer want it! This balance of paid work and work at home works for me and my family. Perhaps in the future, I will have to readjust it as situations change, but for now I am enjoying this balance and learning some long-overdue life lessons. A win-win situation!


    1. Sophie,

      It is said by many that selfless service to others is our highest calling. I do believe you have got your priorities straight.

      I am also big on learning life's lessons, and living simply does allow one to do just that.

      I say, "congratulations" to you. What a fortunate mother you have.

      I should add that I am a full time caregiver to Linda, the love of my life. This would be impossible if I worked for wages outside of the home.


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