July 8, 2012

Thank You For Visiting

 Artist Toulouse-Lautrec conversing with friends
Today I would like to express the gratitude that Linda and I feel for all of you wonderful visitors to our growing blog. We are continually blown away by not only the numbers of visitors, but also the quality.

We are humbled that there are such amazing folks that visit here. Of special note are the really brave visitors that return, often repeatedly. We thank you all.

Whether you have joined NBA (on sidebar), or visit anonymously, we feel your presence in our little world. For us, this is where it all comes together. Our blog is our Salon, a meeting place meant "either to please, or to educate". It is our goal to consistently achieve both. 

Your comments in response to our posts definitely please and educate us. We appreciate those of you who take the time to leave comments, and believe that this participation makes our blog infinitely better for everyone. 

With your help this can be a place of 'ecological enlightenment'. We are stronger and smarter together, and when we cooperate we create a better world. 

Thank you for joining our Salon, and contributing toward our efforts to raise awareness, and lower ecological footprints. It is a privilege for us to be your hosts. 

Let's converse - you are among friends.

Requirements For Salon Participation
  • sincerity
  • civility
  • humour or wit (we can't take things too seriously)
  • an interest in expressing your views and insights
  • a willingness to be respectful and appreciative of the contributions of others


  1. I enjoy learning from you!

    We turned our front yard into a veggie garden last year and have enjoyed more community with our neighbors as a result. Many of them had never seen an artichoke plant before! Go figure.

    1. Congratulations on the front garden conversion. That is inspiring for us, and for your neighbours. We are all learning from, and supporting, each other.

      Joining our community garden has been an amazing experience for us this year, as we have been meeting so many good people.

      And we are eating organic, nutritious, tasty, free food that has been nurtured by our own hands.

  2. Anonymous7/09/2012

    Thank You Gregg and Linda for opening yourselves and sharing your path. I come here for inspiration and learning. Maybe in some small way all of us sharing this path will make a difference.

    1. Yes! Sharing this path is already making a difference. A synergy is occurring as we make these connections with each other.

      The whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts.

      It is no coincidence that we all find ourselves here together, in this place, at this point in time.

      Changes are happening, and they feel good. It is the reward we receive for following our heart and intuition, and seeking a balanced existence.


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