July 23, 2012

A Better World Monday

I can't help but feel that things are improving, and a better world is on its way. Not just because coffee shops are close at hand, but because I can sense a critical mass of hope coalescing in a foam of discontent.

Last night I read about the injustice of the wealthiest of the wealthy stashing trillions of dollars in offshore private banks in order to avoid paying hundreds of billions of dollars in taxes. With this level of blatant greed and excess, the end of the status-quo has never seemed so real, or so close at hand.

Awareness is building, and many individuals are devoting energy toward making meaningful and satisfying personal changes. Such changes, collectively, are adding up to a cultural shift that is leaning toward justice and fair treatment of the human family, and the earth.

One era or paradigm ending means another begins. Our actions to restore balance are bringing about the end of the old ways. There has never been a better opportunity for change - we can see that a better world is needed, and is possible. But what will it look like?

In order to take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity to create a new world, we have to be prepared with a vision of what we want to replace outdated institutions and practices. We need to think big, and imagine exactly what our ideal world would look like.

My ideal world would:
  • have a 20 hour work week... or less.
  • make war and weapons obsolete.
  • have no use for advertising.
  • ensure all of humanity has all basic needs met.
  • replace competition with cooperation, and hate with love.
  • have a 10,000 year plan.
  • have garages so empty you could put an electric car in them, and still have room for a bicycle.
  • cherish children's well-being, so would make sure there were no impediments to full time parenting.
  • not have poverty or starvation.
  • value happiness and well-being over material things.
  • acknowledge that everyone has equal rights.
  • have no use for insane hoarding of wealth because sharing would be the norm.
  • be slower, more casual, and with a lot more laughing, creating, and relaxing together.
  • be simple and sustainable.
We have to know what we want to replace current ways of doing things, and be able to visualize everything clearly. Then can we take advantage of this moment in history, and make positive change happen.

What does your better world look like?


  1. If you stand for parliment I am voting for you. I 100% agree with everything on your list

    1. You may not be able to vote for me, but you can vote for the ideas. We need better representation, and more women, in government.

      You should think of running.

  2. e.a.f.7/23/2012

    The good thing is we now know about this. We need to publicize it so the general public is aware & can make informed decisions when they vote.

    People who use tax havens to stash their money should be required to live there, not in their country of origin because they are not contributing to the country. That includes Mitt Romney & his fellow travellers.

  3. Anonymous7/23/2012

    Seems you've got it covered. I may not live to see it happen, but consider it an honor to be in at the start. I have to believe it can happen.

    1. If we reach a critical mass things could change rapidly. We, the people, certainly have everything we need to make it happen. Conviction is critical.

  4. Not to sound like a total geek, but Gene Rodenberry actually had a lot of these ideas for the future when he created Star Trek. I would like to see knowledge more valued than a Lexus, good food more valued than jewelry, gardens more valued than wide screen TVs....and I would like the elimination of dust so I wouldn't have to clean so much. :)

    1. I think envisioning a new, better world is the most important task before us. I am honoured that readers are engaging in this dialogue here.

      Thank you for adding more ideas. We have to take this discussion out to the larger community - to our elected representatives, family, friends and neighbours. I think dust is here to stay, though!

      One problem I have with a lot of TV/movie science fiction is that it is so conflict-based. Travel to far flung reaches of the universe, meet interesting alien life, and kill them.

      Surely the universe can not be populated by life as screwed up as us? G.R. definitely had a better imagination, and played with more enlightened ideas. We need more big thinkers like him.


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