July 9, 2012

Balance Monday

Balance = Survival
When Nik Wallenda crossed Niagara Falls on a thin wire in June, his performance was all about one thing - balance. Here, as everywhere else, balance equals survival.

Often discussions regarding how to best progress along the wire that the globe is balanced on degrades into adversarial talk of right and wrong. But it isn't an issue of right and wrong.  

What our discourse should be about is that elusive state that Wallenda knows how to attain so well in his high wire act. 

He knows he needs both sides of that long pole to stay balanced. I doubt he calls one side 'right' and the other 'wrong'. 

So it is when we need to negotiate that thin line, that balance point, between the outer limits on each side of us. In this challenge, each side of the pole of truth is needed, and we need to find the fulcrum between them.

We should not let fear or anger prevent us from negotiating that balance and crossing the wire together. Not only does our survival depend on it, but it is work of the most important and exciting kind.

As Karl Wallenda, Nik's great-grandfather said, "Being on the tightrope is living; everything else is waiting."

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