July 11, 2012

Extreme Weather And Climate Change Solutions

Last year's weather wasn't that great either...

You really don't need the weatherman to tell you which way the wind is blowing these days - it's plain to see that it is blowing hot and dry. Just over 50% of the US has been experiencing extreme heat and drought conditions this summer.

ThinkProgress.com is reporting that the hot, dry conditions are dominating recent adverse weather events, and that this is due to climate change:
"Like a baseball player on steroids, our atmosphere has been "juiced" with human emissions of greenhouse gases, which means we are going to be breaking heat records at an "unnatural" pace for a long, long time."
170 US all-time high temperature records were broken or tied in the second half of June. More heat means more energy, which means more extreme weather. This will have far-reaching repercussions.

Drought conditions over much of the US will put crops and food security at risk, and could raise the price of staple commodities. Water resources will be stressed, and rationing will need to be implemented over large areas. Green lawns and private swimming pools will become a thing of the past.

Global conditions will mirror events occurring now in the US, so this is a problem we all need to be concerned about. But what can we do? Thankfully, there are many actions that we can take to contribute toward a more livable planet.

Climate Change Solutions

  1. Energy efficiency holds the greatest and most immediate benefits - conserve energy at home by using less of it in more efficient ways. Get rid of unnecessary appliances and electronics.
  2. Travel less. Use plug-in and electric cars when public transportation is not available. Better yet, ride a bike.
  3. Renewable energy - solar, wind, tidal, biofuel.
  4. Quit using carbon-intensive goods and services. Good-bye planes and plastic, hello trains and totally natural products.
  5. Offer tax cuts in the green economy.
  6. End fossil fuel subsidies.
  7. Eat a plant-based diet.
  8. Grow a garden and/or support local farmers. Reduce food miles.
  9. Stop wasteful, energy-intensive activities such as war, and recreational shopping.
  10. Tax carbon-based corporations.
Are you concerned about climate change? If so, what changes are you making to address your concerns?

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