April 4, 2015

Weekend Affirmation

I discovered a wonderful new affirmation this weekend. It is appropriate since so many right now are celebrating forgiveness and unconditional love.

My affirmation riffs off of what Gertrude Weaver, the world's oldest person at 116 years, said explains her longevity.

To me it can be explained by the following nugget of wisdom that I am enjoying saying in my head and out loud the past couple of days.

"I love everybody and everything around me."

Gertrude was also a big believer in kindness as the way to live a longer and better life. One smart woman.

Happy love and kindness weekend.


  1. Happy Kindess and Love weekend to you! Wouldn't it be grand if this was an official holiday?

    1. Thanks Miss Marla.

      Yes, let's make every day a kindness and love holiday. Could anything be more important?


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