April 16, 2015

Free Your Space, Free Your Mind

Get rid of a bit of stuff and I guarantee that everything will feel a bit better for a while. The idea of creating more space in your life is a good one - most people would benefit from having less stuff, crap, things, gadgets and gizmos.

When I am creating more space in my life I like to concentrate on the space freed up, not the stuff I am getting rid of. Ultimately, the space I am freeing up is in my head, not my closet.

Less stuff = less thinking about stuff. Less thinking about stuff = more thinking about the things that are truly important. Or not thinking at all.

Most stuff is toxic and should come with a warning label.

Warning: This item is toxic to your environmental space, physical space and mental space.

After establishing your de-cluttered Nirvana, prevention is the key. Be very, very selective about what kind of crap is allowed to enter your space. I treat every potential purchase with a critical eye, looking for the hidden (or not so hidden) downsides. Then I consider the Stuff Rule #1.

Stuff Rule #1 - there are always downsides. 

Get rid of it. You WILL feel better. Then be militant about not allowing more in. Your freedom is worth it.


  1. Anonymous4/16/2015

    There was a time that I couldn't have imagined the feeling of freedom, like a physical weight lifted from my shoulders, by just clearing out my space. Now I can't imagine going back to the clutter!

  2. Anonymous4/17/2015

    Spot on, Gregg! I've enjoyed the space I've been creating in my home and mind, immensely. I still struggle with paper clutter. So hard to discipline myself to sort through it all. Starting seems to be the hardest part. The engineer in me says keep all detail, keep all documentation. And it served me very well this week to have a huge file of documentation when I went to see someone who is going to help me untangle a big mess. Still there is much I can let go of. It is on my mind and on my list to do.
    Thanks for this gentle reminder of why getting rid of crap is So Very Important.


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