April 1, 2013

Be Silly Monday

Left brain - serious. Right brain - silly.
Our brains consist of two halves, each with its own special capabilities.

The right brain is the imaginative, spontaneous, creative, silly side of. The left brain is the serious, linear, time-restricted, follow-the-instructions, analytic side of the brain.

We live in a left brain dominated world. This tends to get stuff done, albeit in a linear, on the clock, terribly predictable way. Often our creative brain half gets set aside for more 'serious' business.

That is why we have cultural notions about "all work and no play..." even if we do mostly ignore them.  

Einstein recognized the difference between left brain knowledge, and right brain imagination. “Logic," he said, "will get you from A to Z", whereas, "imagination will get you everywhere.”

Every once in a while we should indulge in right brain activities in order to balance things out and have some fun.

I like to exercise my right brain, take it on a walk through Silly Land, and let my creativity loose. I  daydream, giggle, hum a tune, and engage in extreme silliness until tears of happiness roll down my cheeks.

Ralph Waldo Emerson must have been a kindred spirit that also liked to indulge his right brain. Why?

Because he said,

"Be silly. Be honest. Be kind." 

I assume, since Emerson was a philosopher and writer, that he listed the three qualities after carefully considering the importance of each. I like that he decided to put 'be silly' first.

Definitely be honest. And kind. But more importantly, remember to be silly.

Both hemispheres of the brain are important, but our system
often values left brain functions over right

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