April 3, 2013

GMO's: One More Reason Not To Eat Crap

Be informed - avoid GMO's.

It used to be that processed foods were foods that had been treated badly to improve their convenience factor. As if that weren't enough, now we can add Frankenfoods to the list of mistreatments wreaked upon things formerly known as real food.

The corporations that participate in this nutritional monster mash don't want you to know where they are hiding their food gremlins. In recent years they have been actively fighting any move toward GMO labelling.

If their products are as safe as they say they are, what is the problem? Monsanto wouldn't need to be legally absolved of future responsibility for health problems if the company weren't already aware such issues existed.

And if they truly don't know the consequences of what they are unleashing, they should take their products off the shelves until they do.

Thankfully the lovers of real food, the defenders of nature, and clear thinking skeptical types, are fighting back. The Frankenfood zombie must be slain, they say, before everything is irreversibly tainted.

50 countries, including Denmark, Norway, France, Germany and Italy have banned or restricted GMO's. Unfortunately, Canada and the US are GMO boosters and don't even require labelling. Again, what are they trying to hide?

Genetically engineered freaky foods are surreptitiously slipped into everything from Arrowroot Teething Biscuits to Zesta Saltines crackers, and everything in-between.

And just because you aren't a teething baby or you don't like crackers doesn't mean you are safe. Up to 80% of processed foods contain some GMO ingredients.

Find out more products that have GMO ingredients in the package, but not on the label, by following this link:

Foods with genetically engineered ingredients.

Although it is an incredibly long list, it can only be considered partial since new Frankenfoods are developed every year. Yuck!

How can we avoid ingesting scary cancer causing foods that are more comfortable in the laboratory than in the kitchen, or our stomachs? The following tips will help you steer clear, although remaining vigilant is recommended.

How To Avoid Frankenfoods

  1. Grow your own food as much as you can. Choose heirloom varieties.
  2. Eat an organic, whole food diet.
  3. Eat vegetarian - avoid the newly developed Frankenfish (AquaBounty GMO salmon), as well as meat reared on GMO feed.
  4. Don't eat prepared, processed or snack foods. Watch for those that contain soy, corn, or canola oil, all of which are commonly genetically modified.
  5. Make your own food. When you make it yourself, you know for sure what is in it.

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