April 12, 2013

Quotes On My Fridge

I prefer taking the road less traveled, even if it is a bit bumpier.

Choosing the road less traveled can be a lonely and scary undertaking. But being adventurous, and taking that path, can make all the difference. So it is with the route that leads to a simple life.

I have several quotes on my fridge as daily reminders of the difficulties, and pay-offs of the overgrown path that more people are choosing to take.
"Where people of today dwell, I do not dwell. What people of today do, I do not do.  
If you clearly understand what this really means, you must be able to enter a pit of fire with your whole body." 
- Huang-Long
Doing anything counter to popular culture is bound to be resisted by those in the well-worn fast lane. While you may not be burned at the stake, you may be treated like there is something wrong with you for not taking the path of least resistance that everyone else is on. 

But there are rewards for having the courage to strike off into uncertain territory. That is why another quote on my fridge helps give me the strength to continue on a path that while not popular, leads me to the places I want to go.

"Risk! Risk anything! Care no more for the opinions of others, for those voices. Do the hardest thing on earth for you. Act for yourself. Face the truth." 
- Katherine Mansfield

When choosing the simple living path, you may first have to pass through a pit of fire as there is great resistance to doing things differently and eschewing the trappings of consumer culture.

Don't worry though - your fellow travellers, while few, are strong and committed. We will help douse you with the cool waters of companionship and support.

Together we will face the truth, and act for ourselves. Our happiness and on-going survival depends on it.


  1. Anonymous4/12/2013

    Powerful quotes, especially the 2nd one, for me at this junction in my life.

    Recently I've lost friends and been lambasted by others on social media, due to my views and life choices. I've deactivated my account, but it's been hurtful and difficult.

    Maybe it frightens them to be faced with someone who is choosing not to participate in the big game anymore?

    1. Miss Marla, I am sorry to hear that. People can be mean - I think it often springs from fear. But there is a bright side.

      Such individuals become our teachers, challenging us to tap into our compassion and forgiveness. They give us the gift of the opportunity for learning and practice. Buddha said something like, if you could understand everything, you could forgive anything.

      We send you (and your lambasters) peace and love.

  2. Anonymous4/12/2013

    Thank you, I needed to hear some of these positive thoughts today. It is nice to know that there are some like minded people out there. I think where I live they are all ostracized into hiding. Imagine a world where people were motivated by ethics and understanding rather than wealth and power over one another. Ethical minds and truth seekers also known as "people who stir the pot" or "troublemakers" are an essential part of the equation to a better life for everyone, unfortunately it is a slow process and not everyone sees the bigger picture yet. But I'm not willing to give up on it even if everyone seems to hate me for not conforming.

    1. We definitely need more non-conformists, truth seekers, and (especially) so-called trouble makers. When such individuals, while working for the betterment of the world, get labelled "terrorists" or "radical elements", you know we are on the right track.

      Globally we are getting the attention of the rich and powerful because they are feeling threatened. This is why the panicked, push for the neo-liberal capitalist model everywhere- the elite can see that their exploitive ways are being questioned, and resisted, by more and more of us.

      We passed the threshold of sustainability (one-planet-living) back in the 1970s, and are now facing ecological collapse because of the five-planet lifestyles in industrialized nations.

      The mass of people that can't meet basic needs, plus those economically down-graded in previously middle class heavy countries in recent years, are also reaching their limits, and are demanding a better model.

      I like the model you propose: "Imagine a world where people were motivated by ethics and understanding rather than wealth and power over one another".

      Let's imagine it, let's make it happen.

  3. Anonymous4/13/2013

    I am a member of the often-maligned Generation Y, aka Millennial generation...I am by no means entitled or spoiled nor told by my parents that I was the best, etc. But I see just by mere observation that the things people my parents' age do, I don't want to do. I don't want to own a thing! Does that sound weird? I admire the lives of sadhus and nomads of the far East than anyone in the upper midwest - which is where I presently find myself - who 'owns' a house, has one or more cars, who plays the stock market, who never seems to have enough money no matter what, who has husbands, brothers or sons working out west in the oil fields for metric tons of money that they can only enjoy three weeks out of the year. I want none of it! Those who know me best know that I am as minimal as anyone they have ever met and I carry myself with dignity even though I wear vintage and secondhand consignment clothing and shoes, and i find and build most of the furniture i have, but those who know me as some past tense they met 5 years ago wonder why I don't suffer in the same way they do, if at all. I gotta wonder, when people tell generation Y that all their upbringing will make them ill-prepared for the "real world", let me ask this: Why is the real world always one regarding finance, politics, and keeping this imaginary status quo, when you ask about it? It seems to me that the "real" world everyone seems to agree on is....really fake. I found that simplicity and being in nature itself is the only "real world" out there. Sorry for rambling on...

    1. Welcome dear Gen Y reader. Please do not apologize for rambling - I love it!

      I am a Baby Boomer officially (born in 1961), but the thought of that kind of turns my stomach. I don't have much in common with the average boomer, perhaps because I came in at the tail end of this massive generational lump. I associate more with Gens X and Y.

      Linda and I felt exactly like you when we decided to give up the struggle and suffering involved in making money the number one priority. Of course money holds a certain place in our current system, but we have found that we don't need much to fund our simple, satisfying lifestyle.

      We have time to do things for ourselves, like grow a garden, bake bread, cut our own hair, or cycle instead of driving.

      We are surrounded by the beauty of nature, and we cherish the time we have to enjoy it. From here the "real" world doesn't look very attractive.

      Living simply has provided us the peace, contentment, joy, and freedom in a way that the world of money can't deliver.

    2. Anonymous4/14/2013

      Hi again, I'm the same anon as before...
      You really don't come off as a Boomer to me at all - and I lurk all over your blog, I love the messages - nor do you appear as invisible as Gen X. You do have the free spirit of Gen Y and I think that's what I love about reading your entries...that there are people who know there's something wrong with society and the monster called advertising and can say so and age has nothing to do with it.
      You are very right...within the beauty and transcendence of nature, the 'real' world is not very appealing. If one has to live within a society that money damn near impossible to live without - unless you're Daniel Suelo - let's reduce our dependence on it, eh? ;) As some snippet of ancient wisdom once said, "Mo' money, mo' problems"

      ok I will stop clogging up your comment box now ~

      PS I cut my own hair too ;)


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