April 19, 2013

Spring Forest Bath

Linda soaking up health-promoting volatile antimicrobial organic compounds
The forest is my favourite place to be. It makes me feel good.

In Japan, doctors regularly prescribe a visit to the forest for stressed out office workers. The benefits of this treatment have been documented in scientific studies. My own experience backs them up.

While amongst the beauty of the trees it is all about the smell-o-vision experience. It is considered a form of natural aromatherapy.

An assortment of novel odours lets you know that you are in a fragrant, special place. Scientists say what we are breathing in is phytoncides, volatile antimicrobial organic compounds released by trees and other plants.

Phytoncides in wood's essential oils help to prevent rot and attack by insects and animals. Their positive effect on human health is said to last for several days after exposure.

For stress management and relaxation, we recommend visiting a forest near you.

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  1. Anonymous4/23/2013

    I cannot express how much I adore this post.


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