May 31, 2024

We Set A New Record

We set a new record recently. It is not a record we like to break too often.

It is hard to ignore the troubling increases in the price of almost everything. Most concerning to me are the price increases for things one needs to survive.

Like food.

Our last big grocery order was a record breaker for us. For eaters that have large families it may not seem like much, but for us it was a biggie.

I should point out that we were doing some stocking up as our friends that pick up large orders for us were going to be away for a month.

But still, we have done something like this before and the total was not nearly as much.

And what did it come to?

Total: $516.12.


On the other hand, it is a great motivator to make sure our garden is as productive as possible.

It has also caused us to cut our food waste to near zero. 

The record-breaking bill also provides an opportunity to review what we are buying, and lower our food costs by doing things like our recent switch from coffee to tea.

It also makes us happy to be vegetarians, although no foods have escaped the dreaded inflation, and fresh fruits and veggies have taken a hit, too. 

Beans and rice? Also up.

Will we have to switch from tea to hot water? Or better yet, a cup of miso in the morning. 

Although miso is pretty expensive also. But healthier than tea, or coffee.

It might be time to do some fasting.

What is the most you have spent in one grocery order?

Has food inflation changed the way you shop, and/or eat?


  1. Your new record (unenviable, admittedly): stocking up for how long? A couple of months?

    I have been tracking our grocery purchases for several years now; where we used to average a bit below $200/month (2 adults only in the household), I am seeing higher numbers in 2024 (1st quarter average was $227 a month, including certain household items I count in the total--toilet paper, for example. Food alone averaged $211.55). Second quarter may come in a tad lower. Like your household, we keep our food waste to pretty much zero. We do only one stocking-up trip a month, then fill in fresh items only as needed (milk, for example). Yeah, it is interesting and different than before. Food insecurity is rising in our community and when I see the prices, I understand why.

    1. Anonymous6/01/2024

      Closely tracking your spending is a great way to get it under control. Our spending for two is in line with your own. Our record order will be good for a couple of months or more. We usually go 4 - 6 weeks between large orders, and like you, fill in for fresh food in-between. I do the fresh food shopping by bike, so small bits at a time.

      This time, because of inflation continuing, we thought that if we have the money and the space, we might as well stock up on a few things before they go up in price. Again. So we got things like laundry detergent and dish soap, as well as some vitamins, and toothpaste. You can't have too much floss, either.

      The churches here do a very good job of getting supplemental food to those who need it.The local food bank is a going concern as well.

      Never mind a car of yearly vacations, I am grateful just to have wholesome foods so readily available. At any price.

      - Gregg and Linda

  2. Thought came to me last night to go back to my 3 to 5 day fasts. Before though, it was for improving my immune response and getting rid of precancer cells. Not sure exactly what I was spending but clear to me that I need to plan better and spend less.

  3. Worried about the food prices in my country as well. Loads of so called cheap products gone up bij 20 cents or more. That comed to 30 %! Never been 100 % veggie, but meat max once a week. Going to once per two weeks. Tea. Still inexpensive. But decided to not buy as long as I can us e my mint plant or dandelions from back yard.


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