July 7, 2023

The Simple Spirit Within

Over the years I have learned to follow the simple spirit within, wherever it leads.

Every time I tap into it, I feel its energy guiding me to make the right decisions for myself, other people, and the planet. 

I feel great and think to myself,

"This is a wonderful way to live."

When I do this, I experience joy, power, love, peace, and excitement.

We all have an inner simplicity that is yearning to get out, be expressed in our actions, and change us so we can live in more joyful and harmonious circumstances.

Follow what your inner simplicity is saying wherever it leads, and happiness and contentment are sure to be yours.


  1. Anonymous7/07/2023

    Reminds me of the Daoist idea of the way being the natural flow of the universe, when humanity goes with the way of universe harmony abides and when it goes against you get what we have now. Through practice you can feel the flow in the far reaches of the universe which permeates many places beyond perception which then can drive powerful intuition.

    1. Anonymous7/08/2023

      "What we have now..."


      The Wrong Way.

      It could be so much better.

      Some day it will be, but before then, it promises to get worse.

      - Gregg


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