July 24, 2023

The Life-Changing Magic Of The Daily Decrease

“It is not a daily increase, but a daily decrease. Hack away at the inessentials.” 

― Bruce Lee 

Marshal arts master Bruce Lee was also a master of finding where less is better, then cutting ruthlessly.

Anything extra that hindered his progress was eliminated without hesitation. He wanted to be free to act spontaneously and without limits.

If something or some situation isn't helping one reach goals, it is hindering progress and needs to be left behind. 

Leaving it behind is getting more difficult all the time. 

It means a trip to the dump, or hiring someone to take it away. Or a yard sale, or consignment. Or listing it on a website for sale. 

Or for free. "Take my couch. Please."

But what if no one wants your stuff? 

Everyone is stuffed out, buried in their garage-full of inessentials. We are over the hump of Peak Stuff, and people are screaming for it to stop. 

There's nowhere else to put it all.

When it comes to hacking at unwanted things, my favourite solution is setting them roadside with a Free sign, and having someone that wants to make your crap their crap take it away forever. 

"Good luck. I hope it makes you happier than it made me."

Most people want a daily increase, but what is really needed is a decrease to help prioritize what is really important.

The truth is, and has always been, that living with less is more efficient and balanced. 

Working toward decrease is a daily part of my simple living practice. 

The result? I feel lighter, more joyful and free all the time.

It's magical. 

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