July 27, 2023

Formerly Free

How much of the planet does the consumer machine want to privatize, monetize, and charge us for?

All of it.

Every tree.

Every fish.

Every drop of water.

Every single square kilometer of the face of the Earth, including the very air in the atmosphere. 

And now they want to strip the resources they lust after that lie at the bottom of the ocean. 

When that runs out they will tell us we need to go to space to mine what we need to carry on the insanity of infinite growth on a finite planet.

Most of all, our self-proclaimed masters want to lord over every other human being in order to exploit labour and steal the peoples money.

If they get their way, there will be no more free anything. 

No free range, free ride, free time, home free, or feeling footloose and fancy free. 

No free will, free pass, or get out of jail free cards. 

Goodbye free rein, free wheeling, or living in your head rent-free.

No free anything - everything monitized for the private profit of a few.

Ultimately, no free country and no freedom. They own everything, and we eat bugs is their plan.

Is this a system worth propping up? 

I think not. I am convinced we can do much, much better than this.

Our current parasitic system is a rotted door that needs to be kicked down, because a better world is on the other side.

“Privatize everything, privatize the sea and the sky, privatize the sea and the sky, privatize justice and the law, privatize the passing cloud, privatize the dream, especially if it’s during the day and open eyed. 

And finally, for the embellishment of so many privatizations, privatize the States, surrender once and for all their exploitation to private companies through international share offering. There lies the salvation of the world…” 

― José de Sousa Saramago


  1. Anonymous7/31/2023

    My girlfriend and I are blessed to live a few minutes from the beach. Of course, in the warm months, you have to pay $15 per visit, or get a pass for this period, which costs $60.

    Yesterday we were on the beach and several planes flew over the ocean view with banners advertising various things and products. Then a boat went by, with an enormous television, with an advertisement on it.

    On top of this, our state politicians in charge wants to put wind turbines in the ocean. You can't even relax your mind at the beach without encountering commerce-based insanity.

    This is a beautiful world, run by people determined to strip it of its beauty. I still try to be grateful, but it's difficult. ~ Your friend Russell in New Jersey, USA.

    1. Anonymous7/31/2023

      Thanks for your comment, Russell. That is a perfect, if somewhat depressing, example of what I'm talking about.

      There is more beauty than idiocy. Beauty will win in the end.

      Enjoy the beach.

      - Gregg

  2. Anonymous8/25/2023

    If they could figure out a way to charge us for the oxygen we breathe, they'd do it. This is part of the reason why they are so anti-homeless, anti-vagrant, anti- anyone who just wants to live on the land or wherever they may set up shop, because everything is "owned" or privatized by someone else. So they will arrest these people and throw them into prisons which are owned by the industrial prison complex system where they can control people further. The system is deliberately set up this way so that everyone is forced to be a "productive" member of society, i.e., a slave wage who is paying taxes and paying rent and paying, paying, paying, making more money for others above them.
    Even if you "buy" a digital book, music, or movie, you don't really own it. You're essentially renting it from the companies because if they don't acquire the rights or the rights are rescinded then the thing you bought is removed without your control or consent. It's this way with anything. Don't pay on your rent for your house or apartment and you will be evicted or the bank will take it back and authorities will take your possessions and forcibly jail or remove you. How's that for a "Free" country?


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