October 26, 2021

NBA Blog - Free Forever!

In this era of rapidly increasing inflation - fear not! The Not Buying Anything blog has always been free and will remain free forever. 

0% increase in our rates.

However, they say you get what you pay for...

Also, we have never had any advertising, and we promise we never will.

This blog is not flogging any ebooks or merch of any sort. As a matter of fact, we have never tried to sell you anything, and promise we never will.

We are trying to sell a vision of a better future, but that vision is free as well. Our blog doesn't even have a tip jar.

Finally, we will never, ever ask to see your Papers, or threaten you with banishment if you don't share our point of view. 

Our blog is for everyone.

Free for all. 

Free forever!


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