October 12, 2021

Consumer Christmas On Backorder

Consumer Christmas 2021 is on permanent backorder.

"Sorry for the inconvenience - your consumer lifestyle is out of stock."

Also, Santa's elves, reindeer, and wife are all on strike for a living wage and better working conditions.

How about a little box of freedom this holiday season? 

Nope, sorry. 

Also out of stock.

It is shaping up to be our first ever global Buy Nothing Christmas. 

It probably won't be our last, so we are going to have to figure out how to do it without excessive shopping being the focus.

A good time to give the simple and free gifts of love, compassion, and forgiveness. 

They are all still well stocked, but so far are not flying off the shelves.

2022 is shaping up to be very naughty indeed when we find out that we are out of everything. 

Including patience.


  1. Is it wrong for me to be giddy about the fact that Christmas will have to be cut back drastically? If the western world won't wake up on their own, maybe a good kick in the rear will get them moving. Thank you Universe!

  2. Is it odd that anything that has been on my shopping list this entire pandemic is something I found in stock? It is wonderful to live a mindfulness lifestyle.

    I just read a blogpost of someone who challenged herself to 3 meals for $9 for her family. It was all empty calories void of nutrition except for carrots. No way I could eat 3 dinners like that!

    Happy TGIF! :-)


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