October 5, 2021

Can You Hear The Future Coming?

It is not hard to see that the next 100 years will not be anything like the past 100 years. 

We are in the middle of an unprecedented future shift that is nudging us all in a certain direction, one completely unlike what we used to think of as normal.

The challenges being imposed on us and the planet will require us to adopt a different set of skills than the ones currently putting food on the table.

There is no bad time to start making changes that will positively affect future outcomes. 

David Bowie said, "tomorrow belongs to those that can hear it coming", and I hear a deafening roar right now.

People that haven't already abandoned old ways of thinking and living may have trouble adapting to a quickening timetable that is serving up a less energy intense and materialistic way of life.

Like anything, it is not all bad. There can be great joy in building community, and learning to do things for yourself, like grow, harvest, store, and prepare your own food. 

Our collective shit house is fully engulfed in flames. And so many are still sitting on the pot. What are we waiting for? 

Now is the time for us to confirm our belief in the beauty of our dreams, and make them happen.

Like I have been saying on this blog, since it was birthed in the midst of the calamity of The Great Recession of 2008,

"Simplify now and avoid the rush."

How are you preparing? Leave a comment below.


  1. We lived in a large city in SW Florida. After 9/11 I got the feeling it was time to make a change. So in 2005 we sold our house and moved to small town in Southern Illinois. The community is wonderful. Since being here we've bought a nice 1200 square foot house for the two of us with a very nice sized back yard. We have plenty of room to grow a variety of food. We have found local farmers that raise meat, other veggies, make cheese, eggs, etc. I feel like I am in the perfect place for whatever is coming in the future.

    1. That is a nice feeling to have. You avoided the rush.

      Linda and I feel like this is the moment we have been preparing for over the past twenty years. We knew it would be coming, but not how or when. Things really took a strange turn in 2020 and conditions are changing disturbingly fast.

  2. We still live in the college town we moved to in 1979. We bought this home in 1991 and have pulled out all the grass, built raised beds and could raise about 50% of what we need. With biointensive I could probably get to 80%. We have had a decades long CSA and a great relationship with our farmers. We are 6 miles from downtown where my preferred grocery store is although there is one just 2.2 miles and I could walk there if I really needed to do so.

    We began minimizing around the turn of the century. We use everything up before replacing and then consider if it is necessary before purchasing. All our cleaning is done with vinegar and baking soda. All personal care products are organic. Laundry and dish cleaning products are also organic. This is important to me.

    All the talk in the news of product shortages and "shop now for Christmas" just makes me chuckle and/or shake my head. I'm sure there will be much panic to come.

    Our lifestyle is not as simple as yours is however compared to 35 years ago it's reduced significantly.

    1. Will they save Consumer Christmas? Perhaps they will "open up" just in time for holiday shopping.

      Reducing significantly is going in the right direction. I firmly believe that the simpler one is living right now, the easier coming transitions will be to navigate.

      Reduce now - avoid the rush!

  3. Anonymous10/08/2021

    Hi Gregg,
    Wonderful article. And great to read the comments from Lori and Elle who both are doing very well getting ready for the future. Much of preparation is mind-set, and that is what I am working on the most, creating a simple life mind-set. That has lead to growing veg each summer (although not quite enough yet for preserving for the winter), reducing my stuff, and not buying more. There is so much more to do and I thank you for this blog and the inspiration the posts give as well as the life-example you and Linda share. All the best -- Mary

  4. Can't say that I'm preparing for the future as I don't think I'll be around. But I have been simplifying and doing what I can for a very long time now. What I am doing is collecting books with information that will be needed for my family when I'm gone. I've got a stockpile of lanterns, crocks and other non-electric tools they may need. They aren't preparing in any way, in fact they are living a full on consumer lifestyle. It's my way of hopefully leaving a bit of a legacy for when they wake up and see this new world coming.

  5. Anonymous10/12/2021

    Marla, this is a beautiful way to love your family. Gregg and Linda, thank you for always posting new content for us to consider and build community around. I am grateful -Erin


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