October 25, 2021

In My Simple Life

In my simple life

washing the dishes

can be as transcendent

as a walk in the woods.

In my simple life

the inside becomes

more important

than the outside.

In my simple life

the near is 

more important

than the far.

In my simple life

freedom is

more precious

then profit.

In my simple life

I have time 

to do shit

like write this post.


time to 


the dishes.



  1. My ex-husband's grandmother lived through the Holodomor. Whenever we had a big family meal at her house afterward we would all volunteer to help her wash the dishes and her response was always the same: "No, no, no. I love to wash dishes. When there are dishes to wash it means there was food and people were eating." We never denied her what, judging from the tears that always welled up in her eyes, was a simple but heartfelt joy. She would wash, one of us would dry and another would put things away. It was a beautiful ritual.

    1. Some of my cherished memories are of family around in the kitchen, preparing meals or doing dishes. It was the very heart and center of the home.


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