June 29, 2020

Why? Money!

Money is not a big motivator if you have few desires. You need much less of it. You can have some, and not spend it, yielding a safety net for hard times. Like now.

Even a life of few desires requires a basic amount of effort to sustain it, which is why simple living is not necessarily easy living. It takes less money, but not less effort.

The only way of life that is easy is The Convenient Life™. 

Convenience is easy (luxury is grotesquely easy). It costs a lot of money to make life artificially smooth like that. 

Either way, you have to expend some effort because for most of us making money is anything but easy. The average person has to work very hard for all that easy they are buying.

I would rather work at growing my own food than work for someone so I can make money so I can go to the store and buy food. 

Growing food, and all the other hard work I do to support Linda and I in our simple life is enjoyable and real. I can not say the same for most of the paid labour I have done in the past.

Money? Why? 

What good is a big pile of money if you don't want anything? We can decide to have a little pile and enjoy more time doing the things we enjoy.

While working hard. There is no way out of that. Everyone must fish for their supper, or work to make money to buy that fish.

I would rather do the fishing myself. 


  1. Anonymous6/30/2020


  2. Tony and I are sitting here nodding our heads in agreement

  3. Anonymous6/30/2020

    'I would rather do the fishing myself - absolutely!' That is a 'real' life rather than the artificially contrived one we have been enslaved to.


  4. I think I'm starting to understand the value of working hard and good to care for one's basic needs, then doing just as little as possible.

  5. A little bigger pile would be nice. At 71 I am still working to put food on the table and see no end in sight. Sometimes it is possible to be too in the moment. Sometimes we let ourselves get stuck in a moment for too long and then a setback or two puts us so far off course we never find our way back. I am not whining--I love, and am filled with gratitude for the life I have, but every year as spring and summer roll around I tend to get a case of the "Whatifs." Mela


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