June 20, 2020

Solstice Garden Gifts

This photo looks from our raised bed toward the white house where
our new garden will be.

Merry Solstice and Happy New Summer. The abundant Universe just dropped a gift on us by doubling our garden space. Ho - ho - how did that happen?

This morning I received the following text from my neighbour:

"Our 8 X 16 ft raised bed garden is available if you and Linda would like to use it."

You can't have too much garden as far as I'm concerned. That was real nice, but the gifts kept flowing on this longest day of the year, itself already a precious present. 

A bit later, I received a text from a different neighbour:

"I am at work and there are 50% off vegetable starts. There are cucumber, tomato, and pepper. Do you want some? I will bring them home with me and drop them off."

How could we say no to any of it? We said yes to the extra raised bed, and we said yes to the veggie starts. We said yes (and thank you) to it all. Yes, yes, yes.

The Universe works in mysterious ways that are difficult to understand. However, I believe that it is an abundant, supportive entity that wants the best for us, and would never send anything except beneficial, supportive events into our lives.

We do have to be aware, though, when the Universe comes knocking. My initial response was to think that taking on more garden would be too much work for me. I wasn't seeing it as the gift that it is just yet.

Our new garden space looking back at our garden and house... and the van we don't drive any more.

Then another text came along from the neighbour gifting us with the use of their raised bed.

"We have 10 bags of black topsoil you can add to the soil in the raised bed. We put the bags in the garden."

Well, that clinched the deal, and I had to see the opportunity for what it was - the power of The One, working through the people around me to bring what I need. Even if I don't know I need it right away.

It is beneficial to listen to the larger system, and try to hear the messages and see the gifts that are being brought to us with each and every moment.

Merry Solstice and Happy New Summer to all of you moving into the most productive time of year. May the gifts of the Universe flow your way, and may you be wise enough to recognize them as such.


  1. Anonymous6/21/2020

    What wonderful and gracious neighbors you have! Looks like it will be a great gardening season for you and Linda. I've harvested a few radish, snap peas, and leaf lettuce from my garden so far, and all the plants seem to growing well. Happy Summer to you all! -- Mary

  2. Anonymous6/21/2020

    What wonderful neighbors & what wonderful gifts to you & Linda.

  3. Those are the kind of neighbors to have.

  4. Anonymous6/22/2020

    Building community is priceless, hopefully many more embrace it. Happy Summer Solstice to my northern hemisphere friends. We are about to have Winter Solstice, I will be sitting by the fire by candle light with a pot of tea I think.



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