July 26, 2019

The Consumership Question

Remember when we were citizens?

The US is currently having a debate about putting a citizenship question on its upcoming once every 10 year census form. Far from controversial in Canada, we have had a citizenship question on our long form census since 1901. 

We do have different systems, but the whole affair leaves me with a question. In an era in which those in power have decided that citizens don't really exist any more, what does a citizenship question even mean?

Since we have all been downgraded from (active) citizens to (passive) consumers, how long will it be before our census forms quit asking about citizenship, and ask a consumership question instead?

"Do you promise to consume like there is no tomorrow?


You're in. 

Here is your credit card with a low, low 24% interest rate. 


Exercise your consumership, and go shopping." 


  1. As a person trying to get off the consumer wheel and doing a rather good job I might add I find your last two lines very funny, or scary.....

    1. Wanting to get off the consumer wheel is the first step to making it happen. I applaud you for having the foresight to know your life (and the planet) would be better without all the endless buying of things we don't really need.

      We need more people to convert themselves from consumers back into citizens, then exercise the power that comes with that.

  2. In the past I've heard our leaders chastise "We the People" for not buying enough to keep the economy going strong. It didn't matter if we had the money to do so or needed the consumables. We are cogs in the never ending wheel of the rich getting richer and poor getting poorer.

    Just last week there was also a report that came out that stated Americans have the lowest birth rate in decades. That should be something to celebrate, but instead we are chastised for not having enough children to keep the economy going in the future. Guess the fact that the planet is so over crowded with people that we won't have enough food or water to survive, for other species to survive, for the present ecosystem to survive doesn't matter.

    1. The consumer economy makes up about 70% of the whole system. It is a Ponzi scheme in that if they don't get new suckers buying in at the bottom, the entire thing will collapse under its own groaning weight and come crashing to the ground to die in the rubble of reality.

      If we all just quit buying shit, the system would begin to change in an instant. It will involve some pain and discomfort, though, I am afraid. But continuing on as if nothing is wrong won't be much fun either.

      What a bind we have created for ourselves.


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