July 15, 2019

The New Tourism: Self-Propelled

This self-propelled tent trailer is an example of how tourism is changing.

The carbon footprint of international tourism is huge, making it a perfect candidate for elimination as we work on tackling the climate emergency. 

But that doesn't mean travel has to end. 

Aristotle observed that "humans are the most mobile of animals", so our moving about will likely continue in a post-carbon world.

People travelled before the advent of fossil fuels, and people will continue to travel after fossil fuels. It will just require more time, more effort, and less convenience. 

Just ask Brandon Wilson, the man that walked (that's right - walked) from France to Israel as a modern day pilgrim. The route he took ran through eleven countries, and stretched out over 4,223 kilometres (2620 miles). 

From all accounts, he loved every minute of it - the extreme effort, the daily challenges, the many inconveniences, all of it. He even enjoyed the trials and tribulations. 

Who knows? After decades of speeding around the world in jets and missing everything, people may be hankering for a bit of "slow and low (carbon) travel" for a change. 

Just think of all the things you can see, and people you can meet, while moving at a more leisurely and natural rate.

But maybe save the pilgrimage for after a few shorter trips when you have your legs under you. 


  1. Interesting, I can't imagine trying to ride or pull this uphill.

  2. Anonymous7/15/2019

    This time of year many bicyclists are on Hwy 101/Hwy 1 that stretches the west coast from Washington, through Oregon, to Southern California. Many have panniers for their gear, and many do pull small trailers behind their bikes. The state parks on the Oregon coast have hiker/biker camping areas that these folks pull into for rest, a shower, etc. This set up would be nice to keep on off the ground for sleeping. Although, I believe most of these cyclists (and probably those hiking the Pacific Crest Trail) do hitch a ride back home somehow (plane, car, train). Most don't ride or walk the trip both directions. Have never done it myself, but can appreciate how this tent/trailer set up would be a nice thing to have after a long ride. -- Mary


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