July 24, 2019

Technology Limits, Nature Expands

I believe the advance of technology is limiting human potential rather than expanding it. That makes sense as the technology we are using today was not designed to increase our potential, it was designed to increase the potential of corporations to make a profit.

Our technological obsession is having a dehumanizing effect on us. In order to counter this trend, I like to put my technological devices aside and immerse myself in nature. 

We are all born naturalists. As children, our eyes are open to "the glory of the stars, the beauty of the flowers, and the mystery of life". 

That is because, as Alan Watts says, we are not born into this world, we are born out of it, "like a wave from the ocean". We are part of everything we see. We are it, and it is us.

Then we "grow up'. We adopt technology into our lives and are alienated not only from each other and ourselves, but more importantly, from nature. Bad things happen when we are disconnected from our natural surroundings.

In technological societies, the alienation from nature is almost complete. We have allowed ourselves to be limited by our toys, rather than choosing to be expanded by the natural beauty around us. 

Our truth, though, is never far away. Perpetual youth, Emerson observed, can be found in the woods. It really is that easy. When I go to the woods, I rediscover my youth, and I find the magic that has been pushed aside by infinite fake realities.

Technology promises magic, but it is a cheap illusion, as well as a distraction from all that is really important. It is true that technology can aide in our creativity if used properly, but if not, it can also stifle it.

More importantly, how can we save the environment, and develop our potential to be fully human, if we no longer consider the natural world to be an important part of our lives? 

The truth is, we can't. 

If we no longer see the magic, if we don't love Nature as we love our high tech lives, we risk losing everything that makes us human, and life on Earth possible. 

So occasionally I log off of the tech, and log on to my life. I get out into Nature, and feel that youthful magic again, that connection to my larger body, and it is pure joy.

That is what expanding your human potential feels like, and I wish everyone would take the time to experience it on a regular basis.

I am convinced that the result would be healthier humans, and a better world.

“We refuse to turn off our computers, turn off our phone, log off Facebook, and just sit in silence, because in those moments we might actually have to face up to who we really are.” 
Jefferson Bethke


  1. Great quote at the end. I so agree.

    1. So many distractions, so little time.

  2. Anonymous7/26/2019

    So true about those fake realities, there is so much lies built into society and the harvesting of data for health is an example where false assumptions are driving service provision. Junk information is just like junk food - easy to consume, but the brain just craves more and more. Who knows how Google and Facebook get away with it, why do people keep signing up for this stuff? I take regular internet fasts and have been off for a long time to concentrate on other things and it feels good. I don't over consume things when I'm not fasting and I'm very picky what I now consume.

    1. Internet fasts are a great idea for cleansing the brain. We do miss you while you are gone.

    2. Anonymous7/29/2019

      Thanks and I enjoy your blog which would have many more readers in a saner world.

    3. Or maybe more readers would attract more attention from the authorities who wouldn't like my message? We are living in very weird times.

      Thanks for reading and participating on our blog.

      Don't tell anyone. Ha, ha.

  3. wow! I never usually comment online but I just found this blog and it is as if I am reading what I myself might easily have written! I am one of the many who are quietly and unobtrusively living offline and off grid mostly.. about to go slowly back to rubber tramping in little known but magical Tasmania early next year! :) :)

    1. It is always great to hear from new simple living friends. Linda and I are enjoying living simply in a rural setting, far from the madness. We are happy to live "quietly and unobtrusively". It is a highly underrated way of living in consumer society.

      Tasmania sounds wonderful. As Larry Pardey said, “Go small, go simple, go now”

      We are glad you found us. Come for the posts, stay for the community.


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