February 7, 2019

What I Need Is...

I need lots of things. Air, food, shelter, a creative outlet, and community are among them. As the author of a blog, what I also need, is you. Yes, you. 

A blog without readers is like a restaurant without eaters. In the blog world visitors are gold. Return visitors are platinum. And commenters are divine.

Of course we think that all NBA readers are simply heavenly.

One of the biggest affirmations I have received about the innate goodness of people has been from the readers of this blog. NBA readers are so very, very wonderful, and nothing else on the Internet makes us feel as good as reading comments and emails from readers.

Over the past 10 years readers have been sharing stories and experiences about what has happened to them after taking the red pill. 

"People," one reader observes, "are awakening to is the fact they've been duped into thinking needs and wants are the same thing..." 


Another sums up our simple living philosophy nicely. 

"Less time buying things I don't need means less time working to pay for them, means more time to appreciate life and the things I enjoy." 

That is it, because time is our most precious resource.

Readers also leave incredibly gracious comments that regale us with a humbling amount of praise for bringing our passion for the simple life to the blog world.

Yet another reader commented on one of our posts saying, 

"Thank you so much for writing about your and your wife's lifestyle giving the reader a convincing alternative and example of how it is possible to think and live."

As someone that enjoys writing, it does not get any better than people reading and being affected by your efforts. For me it represents the culmination of a life-long desire to create things that are both beautiful, and useful to others. 

Thank you for visiting, and for providing us with such a wonderful virtual community that is such a joy to host.

We need you. Any you. And you. And you.


  1. Why thank you it is nice to be needed. I personally love your blog, although I don't do everything you do, I do admire your efforts. Trying to downsize and stay away from consumerism is hard. We have been raised and trained to want and buy. Learning what is valuable is a life long experience. Unfortunately when you can have everything, you begin to value nothing.

    1. These are the wise words of a life long learner. We can do anything when we commit to life long learning. Not only have we been trained to want and buy, we have also been trained to be anti-education and anti-learning. Compliant consumers is the result, just what the system requires to keep chugging along. But we are on to them now. The gig is up. Change is painfully slow, until it's not.

  2. Sending warm hugs from Alabama. :-)

    1. Thank you for thinking of us this past holiday season. For us in the frozen north, it is an exotic occurrence to get mail from your neck of the woods. It made our day. Sending hugs back - you may need to thaw them first.

  3. Nothing like subzero weather and a windchill advisory to bring needs and wants into focus. I need to stay warm. I can eat and drink what is already in this house! Thank you for hosting this blog. It's one community I can take with me when I move. I have gotten the courage to move in part from you.

    1. I love warm. It is indeed a good time to stay home and enjoy simple comforts. I have never thought about the portability of this community, but it is so true. So much changed for us when we moved to the east coast in 2014, but not this community! We happily brought it along with us.

      Congratulations on your move. We are happy to have had any small part in this exciting event. Wishing you all the best in your new location.

  4. Anonymous2/08/2019

    Thank you Gregg and Linda! I don't always (or often) comment, but I read every post. Thank you so much for your thoughts and inspirations. There is much to learn, and you are wonderful teachers. All the very best from Oregon! Mary

    1. Oh, Mary. I think about Oregon often. Living there changed my life in so many ways. Without Oregon, I never would have become a 10 year old hippie. So happy you are with us. Enjoy your beautiful state.

  5. This is one of my favourite blogs and I read every post, even if i don't always comment. It's reassuring to know I'm not alone out here and that there are others who share my battle and concerns. Thanks for having us Gregg and Linda. Sending a very hot hug from down under!

    1. We have heard about your hot, hot weather. It has not been hot here, but warm enough to ensure that we have had more rain than snow this winter. Your extreme heat, and our lack of snow, may become trends in the near future.

      Thank you so much for being part of this encouraging community, made up of folks that share our concerns, hopes and dreams. Wonderful!


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