February 22, 2019

Deeply Subversive Documentaries

Gardening is a subversive activity.

I like the sound of anything deeply subversive. 

That is because I am on the side of underdogs, misfits, rebels, and radicals. I am all for freedom, living your passion and your truth, and doing so without hurting any other people or the planet.

If that makes me a subversive, then guilty as charged. I don't mind.

Therefore, today when I came across an Internet resource new to me, I was intrigued and thought I should share my serendipitous discovery.

What caught my attention was the title, "87 Deeply Subversive Documentaries That Challenge The Status Quo". That is totally in my lane.

If you are nurturing your inner rebel, this might be just what you are looking for in order to expand your ideas of what is possible when challenging existing power structures.

Convention, conformity, and state-induced apathy have brought us a global ugliness that we now must confront in order to turn things around. It can't hurt to have a little help from other subversives that might have some good ideas for building a better system. 

Many possible strategies can be found in resources like filmsforaction.org, and more specifically, in their collection of system-challenging documentaries, which can be found here.

My hope is that you can find something of use in this collection specifically, and at the website in general. I consider it to be a celebration of all the non-conforming, post-consumer, simple living, freedom loving rebel types, many of whom frequent my own deeply subversive website. 

The status quo is so, like, yesterday. Today we educate ourselves about alternatives easily and freely, and we are about to change everything. 

The subversives united, will never be divided. 



  1. You rebel you, this is why we love you.

  2. Anonymous2/23/2019

    Great post, Gregg! Looking through the list I noticed a few films I've seen before and some I'll certainly be watching. Highly suggest folks watch "The Power of Community - How Cuba Survived Peak Oil". It's also on youtube. Going to re-watch that today, and then look into that one called "Earth First" about building earth houses. Thanks! -- Mary

    1. I love that you mention this film. Since the USA has such a problem with Cuba (and now Venezuela), we tend to not hear anything about the good things happening in these places. The reason "socialism doesn't work" is that the US will do everything in its power to make sure it doesn't work, wherever it manages to spring up.

      Nope, here we love our billionaires. But how exactly does having a handful of capitalists owning over 50% of the world's wealth make this planet a better place?

      We should start taking speaking truth - unchecked capitalism doesn't work for about 99% of us. I am not even sure it is working all that well for the 1%. Are they any happier than the rest of us? If you aren't happy with one million, you won't be happy with one billion, or one trillion.

      I would love to build an earth house. I am going to watch that one.

  3. I didn't even get past the first link, 87 Subversive Documentaries...I'd like to see nearly every one of those. Could we start a subversive club here on NBA, if so sign me up!

    1. I thought we were already a subversive club. A broad collection of dangerous people learning to be happy and satisfied with "enough". What is more subversive than that in a hyper-consumeristic system?

      We will also be working our way through this extensive collection of alternative ideas presented in these wonderful documentaries. I am considering trading following the "news" for watching deeply subversive documentaries.

  4. Anonymous2/24/2019

    Hello Gregg, new commenter here. Maybe you know:'Can you dig this?' directed by Delila Vallot? It's a beautiful, moving film about guerilla gardening in South Los Angeles. All the best, Sue.

    1. Hello Sue. So nice to hear from a first time commenter. We will be looking up "Can You Dig This". Thank you for the tip, and lovely to hear from you.

  5. Anonymous2/26/2019

    This is awesome, thank you, Gregg!! There are so many to watch, and I always like to bolster my own non-conformist views and way of life with new information. And you are right - this is already a subversive community, and I am so glad to be a part of it. -Erin


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