February 25, 2019

Wanted: Alien Abduction

Finally! Abduction. Good-bye Earthlings.

When I read the news these days I find myself dreaming of being abducted by aliens. I would love it if a flying saucer would go all X-Files on me. 

I would be drawn up into their craft in a beam of light, then transported to a far away planet inhabited by a race of beings that lived lives that actually made sense. 

My new friends would be dedicated to reason, logic, and scientific inquiry. 

They would honour the planet they rely on for their sustenance, and treat her with full respect. The alien system would be non-hierarchical, and the accumulation of wealth by single individuals would be seen as the insanity that it is wherever it exists. 

Being intelligent beings, they would have a system based on the abundance of the Universe, as opposed to the scarcity that causes so much grief on our own dismal planet. 

There would be no money.

These aliens would be dedicated to the improvement of their species, and they would build on the knowledge that was hard gained by their ancestors to develop advancements for the good of all. 

No Dark Ages or neo-feudalism here.

All the alien beings would be equals, and they would not discount and denigrate the skills and abilities of 50% of their population based on what kind of genitals they possess.

Their newspapers would be full of news, not weaponized propaganda and outright lies.

Planet Alien would have clean air, land, and water, and anyone that fouled either one would be exiled to Earth where such activities are actively encouraged by eco-cidal maniacs.

They would be loving and compassionate, and they would cherish all little alien children enough to put aside individual greed and selfishness so as to ensure a livable planet in perpetuity.

So, I say to the aliens, wherever they may be, "Abduct me! Please. I won't try to run away, or hide under my bed. I am not afraid."

I would even allow some gentle probing, which would be an major upgrade from taking it up the rear from a bunch of billionaires and their bought and paid for politicians here on my birth planet.

Remember, The Truth is Out There. 


  1. You have a great imagination, Good and evil will always exist you cannot have one without the other. How can you know what joy is if you don't know sorrow? Love your posts.

    1. That is true, but I would like more Good, please.

  2. Anonymous2/26/2019

    Oh Gregg, it does seem there is nowhere to go on the planet anymore that hasn't been corrupted by money, plastic, and too much growth. It's exhausting! And of course, every utopia has its ups and downs, but a place with less greed and ego would be most welcome. Have you read "Childhood's End" by Arthur C. Clarke? It was one of the first things I thought about when I read your post. Not sure what your weather is like, but this morning in western Oregon it is chilly and the sun is shining. Makes me smile. All the very best to you...Mary

    1. Where are all the movies and TV shows about utopias? There certainly is no shortage of dystopian worlds offered by the merchants of doom and gloom. Are we so void of imagination and creativity that we can't even think of what a utopian world might look like? We're not even trying.

      They are getting us ready for the only thing they can offer us - death and destruction. Dystopian worlds come far too easy for us. Nothing to look forward to there.

      Is "Childhood's End" utopian? If so, reading it would be a joy. Checking to see if I can get it from the library. Thanks for the recommendation. I need something like that.

    2. Oh - our weather has been very, very windy, stormy and cold. Cabin fever is setting in. I miss Eugene, and the west coast generally, although our previous home in Sooke, BC has been cold lately, too, from what I see on our national weather service.

    3. Anonymous2/28/2019

      Well, "Childhood's End" does have some utopian parts to it...but as all science fiction (or pretty much all fiction) there are not so good things. Even though it will ruin some surprises from the book, you might read the wikipedia entry on it to see if its to your liking. The one I read was from the library too - I love libraries! Eugene got hammered with snow, something like 15 inches in a relatively short time. In the Willamette Valley, snow like that is weird. You might look at tripcheck.com - it is the website that shows the Oregon Dept of Transportation cameras. Of course all mainly on highways and such, but you can see weather conditions and a glimpse of scenery all over the state. I love looking at eastern Oregon and the Columbia Gorge, so different from the valley. Totally understand the cabin fever thing...! -- Mary

    4. I love eastern Oregon, Mary. I'm probably referring to the southern east part of the state. It gets 'real' out there. My mind had room to breathe. I could hear myself think out there. Then I realized I wasn't thinking anymore, instead I become one with the high desert. It seemed nothing matter at all. I loved every minute of it. I went from Crater Lake north and got on Highway 20 as I recall and ended in Boise for a few days. It was grand and I'll never forget it.

  3. I think it is good for the mind to think about out of the box possibilities! Enjoyed this post.
    I've also enjoyed being back here more regularly and everyone's comments. I always return to read them, yours too Gregg, but don't usually comment back if I've already commented. Just wanted you to know I enjoy your input and read your comments too.

    1. Anonymous2/27/2019

      I was away from commenting here for a bit too, Terri, and agree that it is good to be back. And happy you are back too! --- Mary

    2. Happy to have you both back. I derive so much inspiration and support from all of you. It is good to know that there are people out there with their thinking caps on and engaged. So many people have become zombified, stumbling forward with no awareness of what is happening to our world. Or perhaps they just don't care. It is demoralizing, but you folks give me much needed hope.

    3. Same to you Mary and Gregg, I love it here on NBA, so much inspiration and hope. It's as cozy as a warm conversation around a campfire.


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