July 27, 2018

Dentist With A View Eases The Pain

The view from our dentist's chair is better than watching the screen on the ceiling running non-stop news.

How can you make visiting the dentist more agreeable? How about discount dental care for those of us not on employer benefits? Joking - that's never going to happen.

Next to that, having a dentist in a scenic location makes things a bit better. 

Our last dentist, on the west coast, had his practice in a small character home overlooking Sooke harbour. The view from his main chair was so good that pain drugs weren't necessary. Joking again, although the view did make any discomfort easier to handle.

Our new east coast dentist, as it happens, is also in a nice location, and again on a harbour. Also, the last 4 digits of the new dentist's phone number are identical to our previous dental office. When we got here 4 years ago, and were getting set up, we took it as a sign. 

Now when we sit in the chair we can look at dry docked fishing boats out one window, or out into the town harbour, where you can sometimes see tall ships docked at the government wharf. 

Ahh, calm, blue ocean. Great stress reducer.

I'd rather have discount dental care, but a nice view to take my mind off the pain of the work being done, and the further pain experienced while paying, will have to do.

Have a good weekend.


  1. Imagine having the new dentist have the same last 4 digits in phone number as your old dentist! Yea, that's a sign for sure!
    Views out windows are very nice at dentists offices. I positively hate network news in doctor and dentist offices. One time I asked them to turn the station as it was traumatizing me to be in the same room with what was on the Huge TV and how loud it was. There was no space in there that I could get away from the scene on the TV or the noise. They changed the station and turned it down a little, but were not very sympathetic with me.

    In fact, any time I am indoors, a view to the outside is appreciated. I've been house sitting for various people lately. I've noticed that all of them I've stayed in have a much better view of the outdoors than my apartment. I didn't realize how much more nature and outside you can see from a home until I started this new work. It's got me thinking...

    1. Terri,

      Screens have invaded our mental space. We've been zombified by them.

      House sitting is something Linda and I have looked into, but never tried. It would be interesting to check other places out in that way. Enjoy your experience.

  2. Wow. It's been four years already since your big move! Can't believe it. And I can't believe I've been joyfully following your life adventure for quite a bit longer than that. Onward.

    1. Deva,

      It is crazy how fast the years have flown by, but you know what they say about time and fun. Thank you for being a long time reader and commenter. It is always nice to hear from readers.

  3. My dentist has a puzzle on the ceiling and a view of a tree. No TV. I stay pretty calm.

    1. Annie,

      That is great. My previous dentist had a poster of animal tracks on the ceiling, which I always enjoyed looking at.

  4. Anonymous8/02/2018

    My dentist has a big window in each patient room, all with a view of dense trees. Instant calm. My favorite room has a view of a bird feeder. Even with when it's out of seed and there aren't any birds around, it makes me happy. Glad you found a good tooth guy/gal! -Erin


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