July 31, 2018

Who Wants Change?

Often we think about how change will come after other people change, but not so much about how we must alter ourselves in order to see the better world we know is possible. 

When we work on ourselves, we can see how we are part of the problem. We can see how we enable others to manipulate our thinking in order to get us to adopt their version of reality. 

We see that we don't need to work jobs we don't like to buy things we don't need to impress people we don't know.

As we move forward, we don't think the same thoughts, and don't want the same things. We become able to turn a blind eye toward the make believe that pervades the fantasy world we inhabit. 

That is what the wealthy and powerful are afraid of. Our awakening. Our learning to change ourselves, and in the process, change everything else.

What will they do when we see clearly that there is only one human race, and refuse to buy into their scapegoating and bigotry? What if a large population of aware humans banded together in mutual support? 

What if we withdrew our participation in their scam entirely, as we begin to rise above?

We will see the changes we want when we get down to the hard work of changing and improving ourselves.  Eventually, we become the free thinking, compassionate individuals that we are when we are impervious to being coerced, pressured and threatened by outside forces.

Who wants change? Most of us. 

Who wants to change? Hopefully just as many, because that is the only thing that will allow us to build the better world that we want to see. 

Change ourselves, change everything. 


  1. Hello good folk. I very much enjoyed your post and am thinking of clever ways to describe just how sound, sensible and stimulating it was for me. I could take the easy way and quote some "new age" thinkers who have said, "...as within, so without.." but that is not quite what I want to express. From my heart I thank you for your wisdom, love and laughter. Your lightness of being refreshes me always...even when Linda is kicking the crap out of my BS. Keep up the good work! Much Love, Michael

    1. Michael,

      Always good to hear from you. Linda would love to be able to kick. However, she can figuratively kick ass rather well.


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