May 1, 2017

International Workers' Day

I got this up a little late, but any day is a good day for a general strike. The neo-feudal plantation bosses need to be reminded of where the real wealth is generated - in the tired, callused hands of the workers.

"You load sixteen tons, what do you get?  
Another day older and deeper in debt." 
- Merle Travis, 16 Tons

“If wars are eliminated and production is organized scientifically, it is probable that four hours’ work a day will suffice to keep everybody in comfort.”  
- Bertrand Russell

“When work is a pleasure, life is a joy. When work is a duty, life is a slavery.”  
- Maxim Gorky


  1. I did hear reports of some protests on the May Day.

    On a side note: I just started reading some Bertrand Russell, what a fascinating human.

    1. Marla,

      Mainstream coverage, unsurprisingly, was very sketchy on May Day rallies. It seems like riot squads were waiting for them in cities all over the world.

      I wish there were more philosopher politicians.

  2. Anonymous5/03/2017

    May Day around where I live (and I suspect in many places) is simply a day of consumerism unfortunately.

    On another note I love Bertrand Russell!

    1. Rob,

      Yes - "Move along, nothing to see here."

      Stay calm, and keep shopping!


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