May 29, 2017

For Whom Does Your Government Work?

I don't know if I am right, but it seems to me that a country that has a government that works for the people (like they are suppose to in theory), would have a lower incidence of poverty. One would also think that rich nations would have less poverty.

This is not the case, so I wonder - for whom do these governments really work?

The chart above reveals the priorities of various governments in OECD countries, which are among the most "highly developed". If these countries can't eliminate poverty, in spite of being the richest on the planet, how can any other country get rid of this scourge?

How about less war, and more help for people? We have everything we need to provide every citizen with a dignified, satisfying simple life. Could it be that our governments are the problem and not the solution?

For whom does your government work?


  1. Anonymous5/30/2017

    Our government here in the U.K. Is quite open about not working for the people. We have high levels of poverty, unemployment, low levels of savings and social care. The problem is these issues are systemic, we need a change of government and also a fundamental reviewing of the capitalist system.

    1. Anonymous5/31/2017

      I usually vote Green, but it's going to be Corbyn this time, just because the Tories are so toxic.

  2. The USA government is a colossal failure in serving "We the People". They do not represent the majority, they do not support their citizens nor do they want the best for them. The present administration is working hard at making more money for the rich and taking away any help there was for pulling those out of poverty. I have no confidence or hope that it will improve or change. Follow the money, we know what they care about by the dollars they spend.

  3. Capitalism is working to elevate a few and plunge many into poverty just as Karl Marx said it would. Democracy is so corrupted. We have too many people and so many laws on top of laws that democracy isn't working anymore. Capitalism and democracy are working hard to destroy the planet that sustains us.

    I met a couple from the Netherlands a few days ago. I asked them many questions beginning with their employment in the healthcare field. They said, there is no heirachrcy where she works, said if she disagrees with a doctor about the care of a patient, she is free to express it to the doctor and work for good for the patient. They live close to the Belgium border which is very different she says. People in Belgium like to work in the Netherlands, but not the other way around because of heirachrcy in Belgium. They seemed appalled to see the Heirarchy alive and well in their travels in the U.S. as well as how so many human needs were going unmet. They seemed very fond of so many basic needs in the Netherlands are taken care of. They seemed much freer because of it. The chart you post clearly indicates my general impression of socialistic countries overall and what I learned from the conversation with the couple.

    I'm still the same Terri that's been here for years even though there is now a "z" after my name! Hope all is well, glad to be here able to comment from iPad again.


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