November 16, 2015

Alternatives To Black Friday

It's coming again - Black Friday. Yes, yet another apocalypse of extreme shopping that transforms regular people into consumer zombies. Why bother getting trampled or having an arm taken off by a falling television when you could avoid the shops entirely and do something infinitely more constructive?

Naturally, I have a few suggestions:

Plan a White Friday, white being the colour of peace. Reach out to someone you are experiencing conflict with and extend an olive branch. Donate money to a non-profit that promotes peace around the world. Practice forgiveness for the whole day.

Make it a Blue Friday. Know someone that is feeling down? Do something to make them feel better. When you are done you will feel better, too.

Have a Green Friday and do something for the environment. Ride a bike instead of driving, start a recycling program, tell someone about something green that you are doing. Go for a walk, hike or roll.

Make it a real Black Friday and have a lie in while in a darkened room. Get up when you are rested, and not a moment before.

After you get up, sit quietly and explore the black space between your ears for a while. Repeat throughout the day. Nothing pays off as much as discovering more about the workings of the black box of your mind.

Tracing your thoughts and pin-pointing your motivations means that you can better understand and choose your behaviour. You will make yourself more impervious to advertisement and propaganda, like the kind that leads to bizarre behaviours such as the consumer madness represented by Black Friday.

That is black as in emptiness, the void, and the dark side of destruction. Why would one consciously choose that when there are so many alternatives?


  1. Anonymous11/17/2015

    Really love the alternate color Fridays you list...I plan on participating in one or more of them! -- Mary

  2. Anonymous11/19/2015

    Great suggestions for alternatives. Since I've always hated to shop, I've never gone out on this day of madness. I truly think it's a trend that is on a downturn.

  3. Love these creative colorful suggestions!

    On Green Friday, I love sharing about something new and green I'm doing! Sometimes people get excited and hopefully make changes too.

    I'm going to declare the whole long weekend a "Clear Friday" because I'm going to clear out some things from my home. I'm going to re-engage with getting rid of more of my crap! I'm getting ready to relocate and plan to take much less than I currently own with me. I worked on de-crapping a lot of stuff about the same time you guys were relocating to Nova Scotia. I stayed with it a long time, then stopped. With a new life and relocating on my horizon, I'm motivated once again to lose more crap!

    I'm not a shopper either Miss Marla.

    This Black Friday thing is really nuts. I just learned that a relative of mine who works at an office supply big box store has to report to work at 3:00 AM every day of Thanksgiving week to stock shelves and for insanely early opening hours. And he has to work till well into the night. That's just crazy in all ways.

    1. Anonymous11/20/2015

      Terri- Good Luck on your new adventure! Relocation can be daunting (As Gregg and Linda can attest) But making a new start is an excellent time to unburden ourselves from old crap of all kinds. Happy Clearing!

    2. Thank you Miss Marla. I'm so appreciative of your contribution here on NBA.

      Yes, moving can be daunting. I've lived in the same apartment for 19 years and 9 months. I'm trying not to make it 20!

      I've made great progress for a collector/mild hoarder in getting rid of a lot and simplifying over the past few years. I bring in a lot less too. I love every part that of my home and life that has less stuff. Yet, I keep stalling, getting stuck with de-cluttering and simplifying. One motivation to relocate is to dislodge more stuff so it will be apparent I don't need it. I'd like to find housing at 300 to 500 sq. ft. That would be half or more the size I am currently in, 1,000 sq. ft. I've stayed here because the rent is cheap. But there are many problems here including crime. It is not improving. I was at the police department last week discussing the crime here with the city crime analyst.

      I'm planning to move to a much better place with a community of people that are more like me, same values. Lack of community has been a real problem for me here. I have a lot to do to get there. I'm determined.

      Thank you again Miss Marla. I know things are not easy for you health-wise. Yet you give so much here on NBA. I'd love to meet you someday. Terri

    3. Note to self: add Clear Friday to list of alternative colours. Love it.

      Good luck with unloading stuff, and moving. I imagine after 20 years in the same place that it is scary/exciting. What am I saying? Moving is always scary/exciting.


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