November 2, 2015

Zero Emission Vehicle

Strictly speaking all modes of travel have an emission footprint, including walking and cycling. Moving from place to place always has its costs, although some methods of travel have a smaller impact than others.

Therefore, one of the best ways to reduce your transportation emissions is to travel less. In some cases that is hard to do since we tend to be travel obsessed in rich nations. We like to think that humans have always been travel obsessed, always wanting to see what is over the hill and around the bend.

But not all cultures across history have been this way, with some occupying the same general area over hundreds and hundreds of years without ever succumbing to Itchy Foot or Grass is Greener syndromes. Generations of people who happened to like where they were.

Even today there must be billions and billions of people that are born, live, and die without getting more than a few kilometres from home. I imagine a great deal of them are alright with that situation.


  1. Here in Norway, like in many rich nations, people are travel obsessed. I have a restless nature myself, so I can understand the urge to see new places. I do however think it is important to cut down on travel and take a good look at our reasons for wanting to seek out new places. My descision is to only travel abroad every three years, or more. This is an environmental chioce. I also am digging deep into my reasons for wanting to travel, and aspiring to make my home a good place - thus reducing the yearning for that "greener grass" too often. Pam

    1. Travel can be an excellent way to learn about the world, and it is a great way to meet people from different cultures. The thing I enjoyed most about international travel was the people that I met, and witnessing for myself how they lived and what was important to them. I came back home wanting to live more simply than ever before.

      It would be nice to have carbon free, practical ways of getting around. Until then, travelling less is a good way to go, as is exploring right where we live. I have ample opportunities for cycling and hiking right from home, enough to keep me busy for years.

      Right now I am looking forward to doing lots of snowshoeing when winter hits, but that is a few weeks away.

    2. I think that a certain amount of international travel is important. It teaches us about other cultures and gives us a bigger perspective on life. Also, what we have at home becomes clearer to us and easier to apprechiate. Hoping to sleep out under the stars a few nights this winter, watching a starry black sky. Pam

  2. Anonymous11/04/2015

    I studied abroad for a few years when I was younger and really enjoyed learning a new language and culture.
    These days I'm happy to just stay around by local area as we have walks and woods 10 minutes away. We are also active in using local resources and reuse as much as possible. I do enjoy a trip to the old forests in the Scottish Highlands once a year as it's such a tranquil place.
    The quote from Lao zi also inspires me:
    Without going out the door,
    Know the world.
    Without looking out the window,
    See the Way of Heaven.

    Tao Te Ching, Verse 47



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