November 13, 2015

If The World Were A Village Of 100 People

If the population of the world were shrunk down to a proportionally represented village of 100 people, what would it be like?  How many people would have electricity? An education? Clean air and water? The World of 100 simulation answers such questions.

I became aware of the World of 100 simulation while studying global education in university. The simulation is a graphic way of illustrating a world of 7 billion people shrunk to a population of only one hundred.

Seen this way, obscure statistics lost in big numbers become more manageable, and if using actual students to represent the numbers, the results can be seen right away.

More recently I came across designer Toby Ng's visual interpretation of the World of 100 concept (numbers may not be accurate for 2015). The simple representations makes the information even more stark. Viewing them reminds me to be more grateful for the life I have, and motivates me to work even harder toward ensuring that every single person on Earth has what they need.

All 100 of them.


  1. Manageable numbers sure bring our situation into perspective.

  2. Very interesting, thanks for sharing. Pam in Norway


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