May 4, 2015

Truth In Advertising

Can there ever be too much truth in advertising?

In most marketing truth is the victim. Rarely does the hype match the product. But in rare cases the truth is the marketing strategy.

Recently while cruising the 50% off bin at the grocery store I found a product that was labelled with a lot of truth. Maybe too much.

I picked up a box of bran "wafers". They looked a lot like cookies to me. But these cookies were being sold as a health product, and were labelled in bright, large letters. 

"Bowel Buddies" is what they were tastefully named.

That caught my attention, mostly because of the uniqueness of the marketing approach, but also because the name made me laugh out loud.

With such an honest label it was not surprising they were 50% off. 

Most people don't like to think of pooping when they buy cookies or anything else, except Koapectate or Exlax.

Information on the box told me that, "2 Bowel Buddy Bran Wafers will supply your body with 22.65 grams of insoluble fibre that will keep your colon cleaned and regular." 

Yum. Who wouldn't like that?

Intrigued, I bought a box to see if they lived up to the manufacturer's claims.

They did.

Truth in advertising - what a refreshing, regularity-inducing, bowel-cleansing concept. 

Is that too much information? 

Or too much truth?

Refreshing any way you look at it.


  1. Anonymous5/04/2015

    Tee hee. You must admit, though, that the advertising strategy did work, even on a anti-consumerist consumer...

    1. It did work, and I might buy them again if they were 50% off. Full price was too much, and they were over packaged. What I have done instead is work at baking my own bran-based wafer/cookie.

      I call mine "bran buddies", but there is no mistaking where all that yummy fibre is going.

  2. Ha ha ha That was hilarious! I totally prefer the truth.

    1. Sometimes it's stranger than the lies...

  3. Hilarious, Gregg!


  4. Anonymous5/06/2015

    Thanks for the "Laugh out loud" moment of the day! We certainly need more truth in advertising.


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