May 11, 2015

News Fast

Linda and I both love reading. We like to do research and learn new things. The internet has been a boon for our information gathering. But as we well know, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. We were overdue for a news fast.

Even before we turned to the computer for our news we liked to buy a (paper) newspaper and go over it over the course of a weekend. Now we have all the (digital) newspapers of the world at our eye ball tips.

Heaven? Or Hell?

Over the past few months I have increasingly been falling on the Hell side of the equation. The News has become news-ish, newsy, news light. It reads more like advertising or propaganda, and has become more of a distraction than actually learning anything of worth.

Even when there is good news (and there definitely is some of that) it is a 1 to 10 ratio to bad news.

Must. Pull. Eyes. Away. Which is hard for news junkies like us. But it must be done. We want to create more and consume less.

Sunday we spent our first day sans news. It was a very different day. Lighter, laughier, and overall lovelier. We baked bread, talked to friends and family, did laundry and played guitar. We let go of our need to know exactly what is going on in this big bad world of ours, and we liked it.

We are going to be crazy and try for a week. I am expecting it to be transformative.


  1. Years ago I used to be a news junkie and I had a low opinion of people who did not keep up with what was going on in the world. Now I've become one of those people. I don't even read newspapers anymore. I get my news via Twitter in small bits. If I'm interested in finding out more, I'll click on the link, but I mostly just skim over the headlines. It's just enough to keep me up to date without becoming overwhelmed.

    1. Sometimes Twitter is even too much, but it is a quick hit if needed.

  2. Anonymous5/11/2015

    A news fast is so worth while! I do it on a regular basis. Even the little bit of news I do read is mostly local. My sister feels I'm sticking my head in the sand, but I know this big old world will go on with or without my knowing about every little thing that happens.

    1. You do it on a regular basis? You are smart. I have never done one before, or not consciously anyway. Now that I have done it, I WILL be doing it again and again as needed.

      It is a week later and we still have not returned to our regular news reading habits. I think this is the start of something quite wonderful.

  3. Hi Gregg,

    I leap up and switch the radio off when the news comes on. If there's any really big news (like an earthquake where people need our support) you can be sure someone will mention it before the day is out. The news is so skewed it's impossible not to get depressed and feel like we're all going to hell in a hand basket any minute now!

    I've taken to occasionally looking up good news websites and reading blogs about people doing inspiring things for the environment and other people.

    And if I'm really low I watch funny cat videos!!


    1. We are finding that we are using the internet for much more creative purposes now that we are spending way less time on news. Our research is more focused, and mostly relates to our passions and things that make us happy. Like cat videos.

  4. I go on many news fasts. My life depends on it actually. I find that too much news, like hunks of it daily really messes up my mood. I become negative and apathic. I stop working on my own problems because, "What's the use?" The way news is spun today dis-powers me verses empowers me.

    Oh and I lose so much time and mental energy because I hear about large problems I can do absolutely nothing about. Then I feel bad about that. So I just quit the news until it pulls me back into the cycle again.

    So I read headlines occasionally. I listen when others speak of something going on in the news. If it is something that interests me or I feel is important, then I will research it for a day or two, then stop. I am picky about where my news comes from if I am investing time into learning about it. It is usually an intellectual or accademic source.

    In response to the overwhelming world problems spun out of control in the media, I do volunteer work at 2 places I feel I can make a little difference. I continue to strive to not participate in consumerism and not do things that kill the planet.

    About the time this post appeared, presidential candidates were announcing their intents to run for presidency here in the U.S. I had just officially declared, I am not going to listen to news during the campaign season. This is highly unusual for me. I have other things that need my attention, news only distracts me and de-motivates me at a time I can not afford for that to happen.

    Cheers for discovering the bebefits of not having to know about everything 'they are choosing' to put in the news, a.k.a. Going on a news fast.,

    ~Fellow News Faster


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