May 10, 2015

Honouring Our Mothers

We should be good to our moms - both of them.

Your mom called. No, not that one. Your other mother - Mother Earth. She wants us to continue to reduce our consumption. She would also like us to quit supporting corporations and people that continue to harm her.

Today we honour all mothers. Let us not forget the most important mom of all - Mother Earth, for she is the mother that we all share. Brothers and sisters, let's celebrate the mom that gave us all the gift of life, and maintains that spark.

While gifting our moms with our time and presents, let's also do something for the Mother of All. She could really use our help.

Mother Earth gives and gives and gives, like all good mothers. We should not abuse her after all her nurturing and love.

The Golden Rule should be: Be Nice To Your Mother. At all times, in every place, in all ways. If we don't take care of her, she can't take care of us.

Happy day to all moms, but especially Mother Earth. 

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