February 14, 2014

Love Is Great, But Valentine's Day Is A Consumer Trap

Happy Anti-Valentine's Day.

Today you can enjoy not rushing out to buy flowers, or chocolates, or flimsy underwear. Don't worry about expensive dinners out, or elaborate but meaningless gifts. Leave the cards on the shelf, and the money in your wallet.

Nothing says I love you better than being decent, kind, and caring to everyone you meet 365 days a year.

Compassion can be practiced by anyone, rich or poor. It's free and universally effective.

Have a happy Anti-Valentine's Day.

We love you… every day.


  1. I am a VD atheist.

  2. Anonymous2/14/2014

    Hear Hear!

  3. I bet when I have to go to the supermarket later today there will be a sad and sorry stand of so-called heart shared treats all at 80% off....especially palm oil filled cheap, nasty and tasteless heart shaped cookies. Nice words mate.

  4. Anonymous2/14/2014


    From Terri

  5. Anonymous2/15/2014

    why don't we all just call Valentine's Day Lupercalia like they used to do, and honor the god of the forests?


  6. Anonymous2/15/2014

    I love this blog.

  7. e.a.f.2/23/2014

    yes, being nice to the "one you love" all year round is much tougher than purchasing chocolates and flowers. The concept of Valentines day is nice, but the commercialization of it isn't.


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