February 3, 2014

Protecting The Environment - Protecting Ourselves

“There’s still time to come to terms with our predicament and change direction.
Human destiny is not set in stone.”

Out of control corporations aided by bought-and-paid-for governments are destroying the environment and murdering life as we know it on our planet. At what point can we claim self-defence? We have to protect ourselves.

Protecting the biosphere on which we depend is self-defence. Without a healthy environment the Earth will eventually become hostile to human life.

So when will we join together as a human family to take charge of things and create the sustainable planet that we know is necessary if life is to continue here?

If we fail to protect the environment, then how will we protect ourselves? Will we have to abandon the planet as Stephen Hawking pessimistically thinks? I wonder because we sure are living like we have another planet to go to in the near future once this one is finished.

Are we doomed? Is the earth spent?

“There’s still time to come to terms with our predicament and change direction. Human destiny is not set in stone,” futurist Richard Slaughter writes. He believes that what humanity needs to undertake is an immediate full-scale global downshift of consumption and growth.

“The only way forward that makes sense is to seek clarity on what we are facing and mobilize on a society-wide and global scale to deal with it. Anything less will consign our children to a diminished and unlivable world," he says.

We must begin to practice some serious self-defence now, together, everywhere. Protecting the environment is protecting ourselves.


  1. Have you written anywhere on your blog about our perhaps soon spent earth in relation to what the Bible is saying about the inevitable future - the world as a soon worn out cloak? Some Christians tend to refer to this as an excuse for not actively engage in any kind of preservation of the earth. /Eva

    1. Eva,

      I have not written anything, but I have come across things like this while doing other research. There are many Christian groups that do an excellent job of promoting simple living and stewardship of earth's gifts.

      Others seem to want to hasten the Apocalypse through conspicuous consumption.

      Pope Francis has some advise for the later types - "If we don’t take care of the environment, there’s no way of getting around it."


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