February 28, 2014

Shopping Addiction Mini Doc

Do you have a shopping addiction?

What is the opposite of not buying anything? Oniomania, or compulsive shopping - buying everything. Most of us are compelled to spend money, but for some people this urge gets to the point of causing harm to themselves and the people they love.

Shopping addictions negatively impact the lives of people wherever credit and consumerism have taken hold. It is a global problem, and it is spreading.

We received a comment recently from a group that is eliciting the support of NBA readers concerning shopping addictions.

Tegan Tallullah wrote in response to our post on oniomania:

"Hi everyone. This is a really interesting post, and has obviously struck a chord with many readers. I'm  making a mini documentary about shopping addiction to raise awareness about it, and am looking for anyone that has this condition and is willing to do an interview.

Me and the crew members are media studies students at Brighton, UK. We're willing to travel to London or anywhere in Sussex, or alternatively we could do a skype interview if you live elsewhere, or in another country.

We feel that shopping addiction (oniomania) is misunderstood and often trivialised within pop culture and the media, when actually it is a very serious condition with the potential to ruin lives. We want to raise awareness about the condition.

Whatever stage you're at (struggling, mid-recovery etc) we would love to hear from you. If you're interested or would like more information, please get in touch by sending an email to

shoppingaddictiondoc@gmail.com .

If you're willing to be interviewed but would like your identity to be concealed, that is absolutely fine.

Thank you for your time."

You won't hear much about oniomania from marketers and advertisers - they are the ones pushing the heroin-strength shopping drugs. Their sole purpose is to get all of us addicted, and they spend billions of dollars a year to help us build our habit.

So I say congratulations to these students for tackling this issue to see what they can learn. Their mini documentary sounds like something I would like to see.

Can you help them out?

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