July 3, 2013

(House) Size Matters

Be small, live large.

"To the average man",  says a post concerning penis size published on a semi-reputable medical website, "whether he's straight or gay, his penis is, consciously or unconsciously, one of the most important things in the whole world." ONE of the most important, but is it THE most important?

For a host of illogical reasons, size has been made to matter in several areas.

The most important "size matters" thing for many men (and women) it seems, is not wee willy winky proportions, but the size of ones house.

"Ooooo, what a big... house you have."

I come to this conclusion partly because the most viewed post on NBA since we began in 2008 is "Average House Size By County". I also did "extensive" research and crunched some numbers which I will share later in this post.

My house size post also happens to be the most commented (controversial?) with 80 + comments currently, including my responses. Comments still trickle in at the rate of a few every month, which continues to surprise and please me.

The discussion the post has generated has been interesting with various views being shared in a forum that I try to make as non-threatening as possible for all readers regardless of where they stand on the size issue. I am still talking about houses here.

One thing that comes across in all the comments is that many people have given average house size a good deal of thought. Usually, though, thoughts tend toward dreamy dreams of some day inhabiting a larger sized house.

But not always. A recent comment represents my best case scenario with a large house proponent at least being willing to stop for a moment to consider what house size really means.

"I just wanted to say that your post here has inspired me to consider smaller houses. My husband and I currently live in an 1100 sq ft apartment and are looking to buy a house sometime in the next year. 
I had myself convinced that we had to buy a house bigger than our apartment because that just made sense in my mind. I thought 2000 was an acceptable minimum and even then, only if we planned to upsize to around 3000 in 5 to 10 years.  
It's still too early to say what we'll eventually buy, but this post has certainly changed my way of thinking." - Anon

We are slowly coming to the realization that, like penises, bigger houses are not necessarily better.

It should be known by now that it isn't size that is paramount, but rather it is what you do with what you've got that is most important.

Small ones can be surprisingly satisfying if used skillfully. Houses, I mean.

The Numbers 

If you think that people are obsessed with size, you are right. In most cases we tend to believe that bigger is better.

But what is the biggest size obsession of all?

When it comes to web searches, there is no contest - house size has WAY more hits than penis size. In my wacky world of research, 'more hits' equals 'more important'.

  • average penis size 5,870,000 hits
  • average house size 307,000,000 hits

  • average penis size by country 483,000 hits 
  • average house size by country 257,000,000 hits


  1. Anonymous7/03/2013

    Thanks for the chuckle this morning :-)

    My pinterest board on small and tiny houses has the most followers out of my boards. I'm happily surprised at the interest out there in going smaller.

    Recently my childhood home was resold. I looked at the real estate transfer and realized that we were 6 people living in just over 1000 square feet. Our house seemed pretty average for the time (1960's) Recently my niece built a new patio onto their huge home. The patio is 1000 square feet!

    1. Miss Marla, The small house movement does seem to be a lasting phenomena, and is I think, the way of the future.

      With 7 people in my family we also lived in close quarters. For most of that time I shared a small room with my three brothers. Our sister had a room of her own, one of the few benefits of having so many brothers around.

      I feel sorry for kids these days that are isolated in huge homes by their own bedroom, bathroom, playroom, and/or multi-media rooms. When does such a family ever see each other?

      On the other hand, I have friends that had a 'family bed' when their kids were young - up to 5 sleepy people all snuggled down together.

      I could live on a 1000 square foot patio in the right location, never mind the house.

      How can we access your small house board?

    2. Anonymous7/04/2013

      I can be found as Simply Marla on pinterest. The board's name is: Small Space- Big Life

    3. Thank you - will be checking it out.

  2. We just downsized to a home 1/3 the size of our previous home and it's all on one level. It's great! The only issue I've had so far is trying to maneuver the vacuum around furniture in the small rooms. We still have too much extra stuff. We've got a lot of boxes in storage (mostly books and Christmas decorations. I'm slowing going through it all again to try and purge some more because this home is just a transition rental until we get a home of our own in about 4 years. We don't plan to go bigger. Cottage living suits us just fine. :)

    1. Clamco, Congratulations on your move, the (near) culmination of a long-time dream. It takes a certain amount of moxie to accomplish such things.

      Best of luck in your new (downsized) home!


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