July 29, 2013

Truth In Food Labelling Monday

While current food labels give some information, they could provide a LOT more.
See below for a proposed alternate label that has big food producers shaking in their loafers.

If you are the type that cares about what goes into your temple, and you take the time to check, you probably find current labelling standards to be lacking. Questions remain unanswered.

A lot of people that like to eat real food are pushing hard for accurate food labelling, especially since GMO 'foods' are increasingly being snuck into products without diners knowledge. 

Polls have shown that 90% of Americans want to know if their foods contain GMOs, but producers are stalling in this push for transparency.

And whether foods contain genetically modified organisms isn't the only thing they aren't telling us.
Is the product nutritious? How real, or natural, is it? What impact does the food's production have on social and environmental conditions? 

What is needed is a simple, read-at-a-glance food label that gives all this information so shoppers can make informed food decisions.

Below is one such label being proposed by people who think that you can't have too much information when it comes to making food choices that are better for your health, the health of your neighbours and the health of the environment.


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