July 22, 2013

Billboard This! Monday

What if you could put a message on a blank billboard? What would you say to all the people
who would see it? 

Back in 2004, before consumer capitalism began to crumble under the sheer weight of the greed and corruption of the financial elites (and aided and abetted by us, the consumers), antiadvertisingagency.com sponsored a small project to help fight back.

They created and distributed 600 billboard posters asking people, “What if you could put a message on any billboard? What would you say to the millions of people who see them every day? Here's your chance to say it.”

The following are a few creative anti-advertising billboards that were returned and that the project editors chose to highlight online.

What if you could put a message on a blank billboard, assuming you didn't cut it down first in the style of Edward Abbey's Monkeywrench Gang? What would you say to the people who would see it?

Well, here's your chance. Share your ideas with thousands and leave your billboard message(s) in a comment below.


  1. Anonymous7/22/2013

    Only love is real!

    1. A slogan like that might disrupt traffic. I like to think that it would make people stop in their tracks, and find somebody to hug.

      Getting around would take longer, but it would be so much more satisfying and meaningful.

      Love, love, love.

  2. love Islam

    1. How is that different than advertising any other brand? Since I try to keep NBA advertising-free, I am not sure this belongs here.

  3. Anonymous7/30/2013

    Only you can prevent consumerism

    1. Anon, I like that.

      Like carelessly caused forest fires, only we can prevent our internal infernos of greed, desire, and want from burning ourselves and everything else to a smouldering cinder.

  4. I absolutely love this blog! I'm an artist who is killing himself trying to please the corporate master/monster... How to break free?


    1. Roger,

      It is good to have you with us. Being an artist is a challenge in the best of circumstances, but especially when corporate profit is involved.

      Reduce expenses. Save like mad. Reduce expenses even more. Grow a garden. Reduce expenses.

      Visit here more often? We need more enlightened guys commenting on this blog.


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