July 24, 2013

An Ice Box Is Silent

An ice box is silent, unlike my fridge.

Because I love cooking, the refrigerator is one of the high-tech products in my home that I appreciate the most. Having said that, it is also the one that I dislike the most.

The problem with my fridge is the noise it makes. It is a constant reminder that I live an industrial existence captivated by conveniences. What if the power goes out?

In the winter of 2006 we had a wind storm of historical proportions that wreaked devastation over a wide area. The power was out for almost a week. It was wonderfully quiet for the duration of the outage, but we did have to eat frozen stuff as it thawed.

The rest of our fridge we turned into an ice box. An ice box is perfectly silent.

Around our home the call of birds and the wind through the tree branches are the loudest things that we normally hear throughout the day. Sometimes you can't even hear that... then the fridge *clicks* on, putting an abrupt chill on our chilling out.

Then, as abruptly as it began, the fridge *clicks*, and falls silent. I can hear the wind off the water, fresh with the spray of ancestral memories.




  1. Are you considering going to an ice box instead of a fridge? I also hate the fridge; the noise it makes, the electricity it uses, etc. At one time we considered living on a boat which meant very little if any fridge space, so I researched a lot on going without one. We haven't done it yet, but our fridge doesn't get used a ton. I try to buy fresh fruits and veggies etc. I have read eggs can stay out for quite awhile as well. My husband eats lots of eggs so I am sure leaving them out would work for us. Either way, I would love to have a small ice box instead.

    1. MarieG, Some day we would like a big garden out the back door, and a root cellar in the yard. We would have to adapt to not being able to use freezing to preserve, which provides a lot of our "fast food" now. I like being able to thaw, heat, and eat.

      I do dream of the silence of the ice box, and would love to lower our energy bills. Our provincial government is warning of impending hikes in electricity rates, and bills could rise by 40% or more over the next few years. Ouch!

      We will be keeping the *click* for now, and are researching portable solar systems that we can use as a source of off-the-grid power for the fridge and other things. I would like to be able to say that NBA is powered by the sun.

      But as you have found out, there are ways of living without a noisy fridge. 20% of the world's population lives without electricity, so no giant stainless steel industrial fridges for them.

      Let us know if you take the leap!


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