June 25, 2012

Voluntary Simplicity Movement Monday

Fight Corporatocracy - Live Simply
More and more people of all ages and income levels are wondering about the personal and environmental destruction caused by their way of life. "Is it all only about making more money and spending it?"

A lot are answer­ing, "No. This is insanity," and then are responding by joining the voluntary simplicity movement.

I admire those who are in the streets, camps, and protests on the front line of what may be our final battle to save not only our planet, but also our collective peace of mind. Although marching in the streets is an important part of resistance, it has to be accompanied by personal changes at home.

The problem with relying on confrontation for instigating change is that our government sponsored corporatocracy is prepared for physical resistance.

The oligarchy of corporate elites, through the manipulation of democracy, know that any physical presence, confrontation, or encampment against them can be swiftly, and 'lawfully' brought to a screeching halt.

How we think and live, though, can not currently be controlled by corporations or corrupt governments. We can still choose not to participate in their harmful practices, as difficult as this may seem at first. 

There are currently no laws against growing a garden, or bartering, trading, and sharing with neighbours. Nothing mandates that we must purchase things we don't need, or work at jobs that contribute to social and environmental injustice. We can choose abundance over scarcity, go off-grid, and generate our own solar power.

This is what they are really afraid will happen - that the simplicity movement will reach critical mass, as more and more people start thinking for themselves, and choosing to live more freely and independently with less.

No one will come to arrest you for choosing to live a sustainable, simple life, even though it is more radical and effective in disabling the corporatocracy than throwing a rock through the window of a bank.


  1. There may be no laws, but in areas they are making it harder and harder to be self-reliant such as certain counties have ordinances that you can not build a home under 1100 square feet or certain cities are even trying to impose GARDEN TAXES on you!http://thecasualgardener.blogspot.com/2012/02/please-help-me-say-no-to-garden-tax.html

    1. Thanks for the link. I searched the blog for http://thecasualgardener.blogspot.ca/search?q=garden+tax and got the related posts, too.

      Perhaps I should have qualified my post with "in my area", but of course we also have minimum sq ft requirements for new homes, as most places in N.A. do.

      There are also 'architectural controls' in many new neighborhoods to 'protect your investment'. Nothing small or unique allowed, even on acreages.

      No garden taxes, yet.

  2. e.a.f.6/26/2012

    Many of these homes, which must meet standards, are actually in sub divisions built in gated communities or private streets.

    If you look at older neighbourhoods you may find these restrictions do not apply. They most likely will have lower prices & more interesting neighbourhoods.

    You can also opt out of "town" living & move into unincorporated areas which do not have the same rules & regs. Although this may not be possible in all areas due to commutes, you can try to obtain variances or simply run for council.

    1. As you have pointed out, if one is creative and adventurous, there are ways to work around the barriers.

      It is worth it.


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