June 17, 2012

Thanks Dads

Me on left, dad, and my brother

This photo shows my dad, Robert G. Koep, holding me and my oldest brother Mark. The year was 1962 and my father had recently began his teaching career. He went on to teach thousands of students over 30 plus years.

Before he died in 2001 he was doing what he loved, and had been volunteer teaching overseas.

For me, he modeled not only love and generosity, but also an unwavering simplicity. After a brain tumor early in life, he knew that just waking up and swinging your legs out of bed was a special thing, and was not to be taken for granted.

As a result, he never needed to buy or own things to feel alive. A warm, dry place to sleep, clean clothes, enough food, and a good tooth brushing at the end of the day were enough to make him happy and content. He had a Phd, but was as low-brow as they come.

My dad's favourite shirt sported the quote often attributed to Gandhi: "Live simply so other may simply live," and that was how dad lived life. He didn't know it, but he was an early adopter of low impact, sustainable living.

Today I thank my Dad, and all Dads. We love you.


  1. Anonymous6/18/2012

    This picture is beautiful. Your father looks so happy and engaged with you. I am also blessed with a wonderful, caring father. It is a wonderful thing and I am very thankful.

  2. What a cute photo and a very nice post. My dad died at 50 but lived life fully. He was crazy about adventure and about trying new things.


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