June 11, 2012

Manifesting Monday

Emergence by Hopi Artist Michael Kabotie

I live believing that I can create any reality that I choose. In a world where  powerful influences wish to control us, such self-directed thinking and action is not popular. And yet, it is possible to break free and create the life of which you dream.

It was not particularly well received when Linda and I announced our decision to quit our jobs, leave the city, and take up a life of voluntary simplicity close to nature.

The majority of people, even those close to us, met the news with a system-approved response. I share some of the more notable ones. Each has provided us with learning opportunities.

"What else will you do if you don't teach?" (I could think of millions of things that I could do. )

"What about retirement?" (What about it? Why worry about something in the distant future that may never happen?)

"My mom would think you are lazy." (1. The simple life is far from the easy, or lazy, life, and  2. I don't care what you, or your mom, think about how I conduct my affairs as long as no one is being hurt.)

"You can't live on that much money." (We ARE living on that much money.)

The biggest lesson we learned was, don't let fear, yours or someone else's, stop you from manifesting the life you want.

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