October 7, 2011

Thanks Mr. Jobs

Steve Jobs was only 56 years old, but what a 56 years he had. He lived fully, and without regrets. Jobs packed a lot of creativity into his limited days, and changed our world while he did it.
I have been using Apple computers since the 1980's, and although critics say you can't be a minimalist or simple living person AND have a computer, these computers have made my life more simple. 

Gone are my stacks of vinyl albums. My boom box was replaced with a first-generation iPod, which I still have and use. I haven't had what we used to call a 'stereo system' for years, and back in the day all those clunky components took up a lot of room. 
My computers gave me access to information, making many of my books redundant. I sold them, then gave away my book shelves. The day timer notebook, that I never did like, was retired when the efficiency of computers took over. And for writing, there is nothing like a computer.

I currently work on a 5 year old iBook G4 laptop that just won't quit. It has allowed me to do things I could only dream of when I started university in 1984 with my first MacIntosh computer. 
The communication and research possibilities of computer networks has unleashed a great sharing as we have never seen before. We are creating a global community for the first time, and that will serve us well moving forward. We will need to work together to achieve our goals.

So thanks, Steve Jobs. Your contributions have helped me achieve my goals of communicating with others, and sharing my thoughts and ideas. And yes, your stuff helped me simplify my life. 
More importantly, it has helped me make more effective use of my limited time.


  1. Yes, the computer is indeed a fine tool. We don't have a TV or a stereo or gaming devices or books. Because we have a Mac. It does it all. Mind you we have a living room full of instruments. The computer has not yet totally replaced that ;-)

  2. Geneviève,

    A living room full of instruments is such a good thing. One of the instruments we have in our living room is the small guitar you guys gave us years ago in Edmonton.

    I play it daily. Thank you.


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