October 15, 2011

The Occupy Wave Engulfs The Globe

The discontent is global
First they ignored it. Then they belittled it. Then they responded with violent force, totally underestimating the depth of the discontent, and the power of the movement. The rallying cry of the 1%, and the agents of the state that work for them, seems to be, "We're Exclusive, We're Elusive, We're Totally Abusive!"

Pepper sprayings, beatings, and mass arrests have occurred as the 1%, and their corrupted political puppets, try to stifle the voice of the people. And yet, the Occupations have only grown.

In a show of unfathomable ignorance, or something worse, Canada's Finance Minister, Jim Flaherty, responded to the growing discontent by saying the protests were about "Wall Street, not Bay Street". Apparently, Jim is unaware of the global reach of Wall Street greed, or the plight of regular Canadians that have seen their quality of life degraded over the past 30 years.

Today we see how out of touch Canada's money guy was - the Occupy Movement has gone global. The thing that brings us together is our common oppression under corrupt governments, and an out of control economic system that can't help but destroy everything it touches.

The good news is that finally we have reached the breaking point - the masses have had enough. The environment has had enough. The global Occupy movement is empowering people to help make changes for a better, cleaner, more equitable world.

In order to make this happen we have to address the limitless greed of corporations, Wall Street, Bay Street, and the 1%. We also have to address our own greed, because our greed feeds the 1%. This is where simple living comes in.

Living more simply is a proven method for overcoming greed, especially our own. It helps us focus on our need. When we become less greedy, the effects ripple out in transformational waves of generosity.

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